Breathe. Live. Eat. Sleep. Write.


There’s so much going on right now…………..
I turn on the news and ask “Why?” and “How?”
Mother nature is angry right now and the name of the game is hatred and bigotry……..
What is going on??????
I’m speechless……….
I don’t know what to say,
I don’t even know how to pray.
I just pray that God has his way,
I pray that we will be okay,
I mean I don’t know what else to say.
I’m trying to find ways to help but I feel helpless and its adding to my stress.



Who said hate was okay?
Discrimination shouldn’t be the way of life…………..
There’s so much more to life than that.
We’re trying to combat it yet we’re still at it………



We’re all different and that’s okay.
Why throw prejudice in each other’s faces?
What’s the point?
Mother nature is angry,
People are dying,
Animals are dying,
The environment is dying………………
What are we doing?
What am I doing?
I’m just scratching my head and moving my pen.
I’m just expressing my confusion in my disillusioned state
Right now I have no expression on my face,
I don’t know what to feel or say,
All I can do is try to pray.
Pray for the world,
My friends,
Family and myself.
I fail to realize how blessed I am.
I take little things for granted.
I take my grace for granted,
Never take grace for granted.
We have to think positive right now.
It’s easier to be pessimistic,
It’s easier to fear,
It’s easier to just be in denial,
It’s easier to act like you don’t care.
It’s easy to go there………
It’s easy to let go of hope.
It’s easy
It’s eas
It’s ea
It’s e






*scratches head*
Just hold on to hope because she’s all we have right now.


Our Love Is Real

You and I have something special,
Beyond magical,
Its tangible and I can feel it.
Our love is real and you love me and I love you.
Our love is beyond social and its overly emotional.



You know me and I know you.
Sometimes you catch me by surprise,
I’m yours and your mine.
You enhance the quality of my life,
You are my light.
Without you, I don’t know who or where I would be,
You really love me for me.
You look past my flaws and forgive me for my fallacies,
You see my beauty when no one else sees it,
I’m not perfect yet you still think I’m worth it.
You still think I’m worth your time…….
I can be very unkind at times and that is a major flaw of mine.
Distance doesn’t separate us at all,
When I need you, I know that you’re a call away…….
Like true beauty, your love never fades……..
Our love is valid.
Our love is real,
I can feel you all around me,
You surround me,
I’m bound to you and you’re bound to me.




You never fail to catch my attention,
You constantly crave my affection and that is a blessing.
Our love is valid and our love is real.


Calming. Heals the
Ache of hiding
Relaxing. Quenches my


Satisfying, simple, and sometimes sad.
Puts summer
To an
Man, I’m gonna miss her. She was
Beautiful. I
Enjoyed her but now all can do is
Remember her. Its…………………..(Look at the title).


Jarring sometimes. Can get
Old at times. You feel
Under pressure at times. It’s a
Ride. You
Need to go at your pace. At the
End of the day it is


Bare it
Let go.

Deep Breaths

I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere……
You’re scared…..
Please don’t be
You have me.
Grab my hand and never let go,
I know more than you think I know.
I’m so here for you,
I care for you.
Please don’t cry,
I’m by your side.
You don’t have to run and hide,
I know who you are on the inside.
When your losing hope, I’ll be there to help you cope.
You have to trust me……….
I can’t guarantee that everything will be perfect but I can guarantee that I’ll be here.
I’ll be here to dry your tears when life doesn’t go your way…
I’ll be here to put a smile on your face.
I’m on your side when no one else is,
Don’t dismiss my loyalty, to me you are royalty…..
Relax, I got you.
Close your eyes and take a deep breath,
Don’t fret.
I’m right here and I’m not going anywhere.

Worst Case Scenario 

You can’t move.
You don’t like this feeling and
You pray for fast healing.
You fear the worst and it hurts.
You can’t see the bright side and you try to hide the fact that you feel this way.
This feeling isn’t going away……………You have so much to look forward to but you feel like everything is going down the drain,
It causes strain on your heart.
You feel like you’re falling apart.
You feel like an idiot for feeling this way, you’re trying to pray but you hate waiting……………………………………………
You stay up late because you’re afraid to go to sleep.
Can you sleep?
That’s the question………………..
You look at everybody else’s life and wonder why it looks like their thriving, when you feel deprived……………..
Are you dead or alive inside?
How do you get by?
You want to cry but you tell yourself it’s a sign of weakness………
What a lie.
You’re in need of a lullaby.

Where Are You?

You’re angry.
They told you to trust him and things are getting worse.
You pray and you pray,
You hope and you hope and nothing is happening.
You’re trying to cope………
They tell you and they don’t know.
You’re angry at yourself and you’re angry at him.
Your patience is wearing thin as you try to look within, nothing is working.
Hopelessness is your kin.
They told you to trust him.
Why are things getting worse?
You feel like a piece of dirt because you’re extremely hurt.
You believed what they said and you take it to bed every night,
You fight against not believing it.
You crumble bit by bit……………
You stamp your feet in anger and you don’t know what to do?
“Why haven’t my prayers been answered?”
“What am I gonna do?”
“They told me to trust you………..”
“Where are you?”

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