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Sorry This, Sorry That

If I was useless,
Then I wouldn’t be here.
Wow, why am I shedding tears as I write this?
I say sorry for EVERYTHING.
Yes, sorries are necessary but there is also a time and place for them.
Let’s just say mine are all over the place.
Why do I have to feel sorry about taking up space,
I’m in the right place at the right time.
Why is that a crime?


My existence is not a sorry.
Why do I make so many apologies.
At the end of the day,
I can’t make everyone happy ALL OF THE TIME……
What about me?
I’m not sorry for me,
I need to stop pitying myself because its not good for my health.
I exist,
I take up space,
Why should I have to feel sorry for that?
Why should I feel obligated to be someone else’s doormat,
I’m not a ball,
Don’t hit me with a baseball bat.
Get that through your head before you go to bed.
It’s always “Sorry this, sorry that.”
Where’s my self-esteem?
Do I even have one?
Well, I have a brain so I might as well put it to good use and stop the self-abuse.
I say sorry too much.
There’s so many things I want to do but I stop myself from doing them.
When will I take a chance?
A risk?
When I do take a chance, I always start it off with saying “sorry”
Sigh…….. I just don’t get it do I………….
Sometimes its so frustrating I just want to cry

My existence is not a mistake,
There are some risks that I have to take for my sake………….
Some people will not like me for me and some people will accept me fully………..
Sor…… I just need to get this out.
I need to breathe,
I need to be me.
Some people will disagree with me but,
I’m tired of saying sorry too much.
I’m nothing to pity,
My existence is not a sorry.


That Someone is Not You

Someone will love me for me and nothing else.
Someone will cherish me and help me when I need help………..
Unfortunately, that someone is not you.


I thought our relationship was pure,
I thought it was true but you,
You were a lie.
Did you even love me the way I loved you?
I guess not
Someone will love me as much as I love them and that someone’s not you.


I thought we had something but now it feels like nothing………
Someone will give me a love that feels like something…….
Unfortunately, that someone is not you.
Sad but true.

I believed in you but you let me down but I’m not going to walk around looking like a fool.
Someone is going to treat me like I’m the coolest girl in the world and that someone is not you.


I wanted to spend the rest of my life with you,
I thought that you would make all my dreams come true but now I see through your games.
What a crying shame.
Someone will treat me like the QUEEN that I am,
That someone is not you.
Sad but painfully true but I have hope.
I won’t stay blue for long……….
That’s the end of this “song.”

My Microphone is On (My interpretation of a Prince quote)

I may be flawed but I’m no fool,
The way you treat me isn’t cool,
You don’t rule me and you don’t fool me either.
I’m not an idiot,
I know what’s going on,
So get off of me, your grip is too strong,
Well actually,
It isn’t.
You just think it is,
I hate to say it bit you’r e only fooling yourself sis,
Let me be here you in your time of need,
You know your crisis.
The thing is…………
I’m singing,
Yes, I’m singing.
I no longer have the time to lip-sync,
I’m singing,
Yes it is me singing.
My microphone is on so stop trying to fool yourself.
Your grip ain’t that strong,
I come off as ditzy sometimes but hunny,
I know what’s going on.
I’m fiery,
I’m actually quite hot,
So spicy you can’t touch me.
Try me.
The minute you touch me your eyes will start watering,
Yes, I’m singing and my microphone is on.
I’m singing the literal life out of this diss song and boy do I feel powerful.
I’m singing the literal life out of this song,
I’m not a pawn…………….
If you think I am then I give you permission to move along………..
I’m not your doormat,
Punching bag or any inanimate object with no feelings……..
Learn how to treat me better,
Let that be apart of your healing.
I’m a living,
Oh my gosh!
You didn’t know?
Oh wow!
Oh my, my, my!
You just had an epiphany,
Do you want a cookie?
Freshly made or pre-packaged?
I’m a living breathing human!
Who would’ve thought?
Treat me with dignity.
I do it for so do it for me.
YES, I’m singing,
My microphone is on.
No playback here.


Not Your Doormat

I deserve respect,
Did you catch that?
I deserve respect.
You take my kindness for weakness and one can take so much,
No, don’t touch me,
I deserve a sorry,
An apology,
Yes, an apology.
I love you harder than you love me……
Why do you walk all over me?
I’m not something to pity,
I’m tired of sugarcoating how I feel so now I’m gonna get gritty.




If you say you love me then show it,
Prove it.
If you don’t want to then move it,
Move out of my way if you’re going to pay me dust annnnddddd this is why I have trust issues,
I’m tired of running for tissues every time you abuse my kindness.
I’m not a mess and I’m not weak at all,
Thinking that will be your downfall,
Your call.
I’m strong,
I have a voice and I deserve respect.
Accept the fact that I’m not your doormat………….
Don’t let this smile fool you,
If I liked drama I would school you,
Don’t try to rule me or I will rule you.



I don’t ask for a lot from people,
When I get myself out of this hole and make it, I will buy my own material possessions,
Swallow that pill and learn that lesson………………
All I want from people is respect………..
I go out of my way to that to other people and when I don’t I check myself.
Why don’t you do the same?



I want to trust you.
I really do but you make it hard to and when you do,
I put my guard up.
When that happens, my cup is half full and half empty,
No I’m not weak.
I’ve been through a lot and I’m still here,
Still standing.
I think about you and I think about you a lot.
I want to call you but I’m afraid to,
I want to trust you but I don’t.
I want respect.
I don’t want to be hurt again,
I’m tired of that.
Do you think of me or am I just a fleeting thought?
That’s all ya got?
THIS is why I backed off,
I’m so apathetic and hurt now….. but I’m also loving myself more and I’m realizing that you think you know me but you don’t.
Instead of taking time to do that you walk all over me and don’t consider my feelings and when I do express myself you label me as a crybaby,
A sensitive Sally but you know what?
My sensitivity and willningness to live openly and freely is what makes me me and I’m going to feel sorry about that anymore……..
I’m not ashamed of it anymore………
I’m not a storage unit and I’m tired of being one.
So I hope you had fun walking all over me because those days are done,
If you don’t care about me then stop wasting my time and let me be.
I’ll waste my energy on someone who does.


Much love,


From someone who no longer puts up with nonsense.



Heavenly or horrid.
Euphoric or forget
About it.
That is all.


She Grew Up


She’s different………..
She’s a woman now yet you still view her as a little girl,
Welp that’s not how the world works……..
She still giggles and smirks but she’s no longer a little girl,
She’s a woman now.
She has a voice and she has every right to make her own choices.
She’s found her voice and she’s proud of it,
Stop trying to silence it,
You may disagree with it but it is what it is.
You treat her like she’s 16,
Yeah those times were innocent and sweet but that was the past,
This is now, let’s live in it.
She has a voice and she can speak for herself,
Stop trying to walk all over her.
She knows her worth,
Treat her like she’s one of the most precious things on earth because she has worth.
Stop putting here in a corner……………………
That was then, this is now.
Do you know her now?
Show her you know the current her because she knows she has worth.
She doesn’t have time to show you over and over again…….
She’s not a broken record or replay,
She’s an original.
There’s only one of her.
Treat her like she’s one of the most precious things on earth.
Get to know her KNOW.
She’s not who she used to be,
She grew up and now she feels more free.
Stop treating her like a pre-teen.


Mad At You(Don’t Know How To Tell You)

I’m afraid you’ll hate me but I’m mad at you and eventually I’ll have to set that anger free……
Hopefully it won’t be messy……….
I just don’t know how to tell you because I don’t want you to hate me,
I don’t want you to say that I’m spreading negativity…………..
There’s nothing wrong with me,
I’m a human being.
I value your opinion of me and I don’t want you to hurt me if I say what need to say.
I’m just afraid.
Just know that I’m not a robot and I have feelings,
I have feelings and that’s okay or is it?
Is it?
It’s just so complicated.
You’re so used to me not speaking up when I’m upset,
Your used to me not saying anything………..
Well you know what?
I’m sick of that,
I’m sick of it.
I can’t take it anymore.
I store my feelings as a form of self-defense but that is b r e a ki n g
I’m upset with you and I don’t want to tell you because I’m afraid that it will hurt you but you hurt me……………..
You hurt me.
Why does my own self-expression feel like thorns on a withering rose,
I need to close my case,
Fill my vase so my flowers can grow.
I don’t want to throw them away again……
I want to see them flourish,
I need to nourish my soul and let go of my fear.

When I Pick Up This Pen………

When I pick up this pen……
I feel powerful,


When I pick up this pen………..
I feel freedom,
My endorphins rush….
I feel like I’m in heaven and he’s touching me,
I like that rush,
I feel free,
Don’t tell me to hush!
Let me be me.
I need to just be,
I find purpose,
Unity is present in my entire body,
My entire being and once again I feel free.


When I pick up this pen……….
I feel free it’s almost like my soul leaves my body and I ascend.
When I pick up this pen,
I feel like the baddest chick on planet earth,
I know my worth.
I find my purpose.
I realize why I’m here on earth.



When I pick up this pen……..
I am me.
I feel free, like I’m flying.
You can’t stop gravity?
Tell gravity that she can’t bring me down and I’m not her clown.


You Want to Be Held

You crave affection,
You don’t know what direction your life is going in but you know that you want to be held,
You want to be held.
You long for someones’ caress to bless your soul,
You want someone to fill that hole in your heart,
You want love…………..
You see everyone else with someone and wonder,
“What’s wrong with me?”
Maybe you need to just wrap your arms around yourself learn how to love that person first.
Be that person first,
Understand your worth.


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