Breathe. Live. Eat. Sleep. Write.

Her Strength.

She is the reason we are here today,
She paved the way and I say that loudly,
Boldly and shamelessly.
Her blood runs through me and I hope to be an honorable continuation to her legacy.
She’s quality……
You learn many lessons from her,
You learn the value of your worth,
The importance of education and her words make you believe in the power of persuasion and her ability to inflected humor in every situation keeps you laughing,
Her strength it keeps you gasping…..
Her strength made her the woman she is today,
She paved the way for us to be us,
For us to be proud of our own journeys.
When we are with her, we are reminded of how lucky we are,
She’s the original superstar,
She is our heart,
She is apart of us and we are apart of her.
When we are with her, we are reminded of our worth,
Our roots,
Her drive,
Her life and our lives.
Her love is endless.
It is the fastest remedy to our stress,
We are blessed.
Are we even worth it?
Do we deserve it?
Her stories make us laugh, gasp, move us, inspire us and ignite a fire in us to do and be more…..
Her honesty brings us back to reality when we escape to our fantasies…..
It moves because it is so refreshing and that is a blessing.
She’s the reason we are here today,
We are here because of her strength………

A Hug

I’m upset and I’m distressed.
Please don’t yell at me or scold me,
It’s okay to disagree with me but please don’t blast me right now…….
I don’t need that, I need a hug.
I need something to hold on to, I need human touch.
If you do that, I would appreciate it very much.
That is all.

Who Are You PT. 10

Who are you when life slaps you in the face?
Do you fall apart or do you fall back into place?
Where is your safe space?
Do you even have one?
Who are you when the fun stops?
A piece of paper or a rock?
Who are you?
Where are you?
How are you?
Are you “fine” or are you just saying that to stay in “line?”
Who are you?
Are you a phony or are you true to yourself?
Who are you when you need help?
Are you empowered or ashamed?
Are you willing to play the self-stigmatizing game?
Who are you when life breaks your heart?
Do you sit that heartbreak or do you turn it into art?
Who are you when you’re at your breaking point?
Are you done or is it the beginning of your success story?
Who are you when your life is turned upside down?
Do you get up or do you stay on the ground?
Wait what’s that sound?
Is that doubt, fear, depression, sadness, or anger?
Are you really in danger?
Who are you when you feel abandoned?
Do you hide it or let yourself feel sorrow?
Do you continue to neglect who you really are or do you let yourself be exactly who you were destined to be?
Do you follow your destiny?
Who are you?
Do you define you or do you let others do it for you?
Who are you?

Set Her Free

You have the keys……………….
She’s in prison and she can’t breathe.
You’re standing by the door and she’s on the floor begging you to release her but you don’t want her to be released.
Please, you have the keys.
She just wants peace,
She wants to be,
Let her be,
Set her free.


The cell is cold, dark, dusk, and lonely…….
She possesses a special kind of beauty,
You have the keys and it is your duty to set her free.
She can’t stay here,
She’s not Rapunzel and this is not a palace.
It’s a prison and this is not where she belongs.
Are you scared of her?
Does she intimidate you?
Why do you care so much about other people’s opinions?
She’s screaming and everyone else is beaming,
Yet you’re seething because you know that she’s screaming.
Are you listening to her?
She’s screaming to be heard,
She’s a bird in this cage and she will not progress any further at this stage.
She wants to feel engaged…….
You want to silence her cry…
She wants wings,
She wants to fly and you know why
You have the keys,
Let her be,
Set her free.
Set her free.



Knocked out,


Bold, bright, brilliant, brainy, brutal, broken, bare, beyond the
Angelic, applicable, abstract, and amusing.
Underrated and useful.
Tame, theatrical, traditional, tasty, tangible, thorough, and tough.


How does it feel?
Wow its here and its real.
You’re kinda cold,
So I’ve been told.
You’re very scared,
This past year was a doozy…………..
It gave you A LOT of anxiety……….
Life finally hit you in the face and boy did you feel out of place……
For more of that and oh yeah your twenties will go by fast,
A wise man once told me that.
You laughed,
You cried,
Got mad,
Felt glad, and thought you were super bad.
GET READY……………………
For more of that.
You’re on the roller coaster called life and you can’t get off.
Buckle up buttercup, you don’t want to fall off.
Don’t eat too much or else you will throw up, well at least that teaches you how to grow up…………
What a bad analogy,
My words are failing me but I’m cheesy and that’s me being me in my most uninspired trying to be inspired form………….ughhhhhhhh I feel like that super extra sour gummy worm you find at the bottom of the bag and yes I sound like a slag trying to be funny……………
Please like me but anyway,
You’re not a kid anymore so stop acting like one,
You can still have fun but you need to grow up.
C’mon don’t you wanna an epic glo up to show off for validation…………..
Yeah no just kidding……
Happy happy happy happy birthday my love………….smooches.



I can’t believe it has been a year since I started this blog. I started this blog out of boredom and need to feel productive. I can truly say that starting this blog has given me a true sense of purpose and it has changed my life. I truly love to be honest with my emotions and sense of self while inspiring others to do the same. The human journey isn’t a perfect one but it is a beautiful one; actually it is the imperfection in the human journey that makes it beautiful. I want to thank God first and foremost for giving me the passion to write and inspire others. Secondly, I want to thank all of you! I am so glad you guys read, comment on and enjoy my work. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Here’s creating more memories and moments dahhhhlings(I’m not Mariah but you get the point.)!



Mariah Carey New Year Gif


























You, Me and the Scenery

The fireworks in the sky look so beautiful and so do you.
We have so much promise, we’re so youthful.
I’m so glad we’re enjoying the festivities and I’m glad you’re next to me,
I’m lucky.
You’re the brightest star in my galaxy and you make me so happy,
I don’t care if this sounds sappy,
I’m happy.
The fireflies look gorgeous tonight,
I just want to take in this moment by closing my eyes in your embrace and when I open them I will see your lovely face,
A face filled grace and not a trace of hatred.
This day is closest thing to perfection.

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