FALL in love with expression.

You Are……………………..

you matter.

You matter.
You Matter,
YOU Matter,
You are here for a reason,
Seasons are temporary, they won’t last forever.
You woke up today for a reason.
You deserve to be here.
You fear,
You constantly fear the worst…………
You put others first,
The thirst for validation is real,
You want the seal but here’s the deal,
Validation has to from you for you first.
You are significant and you have a story to tell but tell it at your own discretion,
You don’t want to sell your soul……..
You are your own mold.
You are important.
You deserve to forgive yourself,
You need to,
You have to.
You are stronger than you think.
You are powerful and there is no one like you.
You are you.
You will try to change you,
You will find flaws in you and you will doubt you when life gets tough…………
You will deal with good and bad stuff but at the end of the day,
You are you.
You are human,
You have feelings,
Thoughts and everything that a human has.
You will feel,
Get irritated,
Tell truths and lies.
You are human.
You are capable of change,
Transformation and progress.
You will fall,
Get up,
Fall and get back up again.
That’s life.
You can get through this,
You will experience the kiss of happiness and will feel good.
You can change the world if you try.
You have the capability because you are significant.
You matter.

The Sun Came Out

The sky was grey,
There was rain,
And then just like that,
All of sudden,
The sun came out.
Isn’t that something to shout about!



The sun came out and the sky turned blue,
A bright hue of blue.
The sun came out and improved they day.
The rain went away……
The sun came out, brightened the day and the pain went away…..
So if you’re sky is grey just hold on,
Just wait,
The sun will come out and the pain will go away but you have to wait,
You have to be patient.
The sun will come out and shine on you.

Empty Feeling

I’m on my knees and I feel completely empty,
My heart is speaking so I know that you can hear me.
You can hear me right?
I can’t produce any words physically and I just want out of this misery,
Just free me.
Free my mind and take over because I can’t do it by myself anymore,
I can’t carry the load,
I need help,
Just help me,
Help me, I know you can…….
They say you’re the man.
Well, you’re more than a man……………….
You’re greater than my circumstance so I will dance and praise you for the good and bad when I feel like I can and when I feel like I can’t.
I’m gonna hold onto you tight,
Tight with all my might and I will fight.
I don’t know what else to say………
Can you hear me?
My heart is crying,
I’m just begging you to help me.
I need you to rid me of the empty feeling,

So Angry…………

You don’t what to do.
You’re so angry you don’t know what to do……..
You’re so frustrated that you don’t know what to do………..
You’re trying to get by,
Hope is your high,
You’re trying to get by but life keeps on slapping you in the face,
Punching you in the gut and kicking your butt.
You find yourself exhausted,
People tell you to smile but they don’t know,
They don’t know,
They don’t know,
They don’t know,
Or what you’re going through
You just want things to go right,
They have to go right……..
You can’t control everything but you try to.
You lie to yourself,
You lie
You li
You l
Your eyes are puffy from crying and your throat is sore from yelling and screaming.
Life has a stench and its smelly.




You don’t know what to do.
You just want things to go smoothly,
You feel like your life is like a horror movie.
You’re just so angry……….
Things start to look and then things start to fall apart…………………..again.
You look at your family and friends and you want their lives……..
You fight to hold back your envy,
You know, envy, your worst enemy.
You feel so low,
People want you to feel high but you’re so tired,
They tell you to trust him but its hard and just when you let your guard and talk to him,
Things fall apart again.
You’re trying,
You want to someone to hear you,
See you,
Feel you,
Look at you,
Touch you and tell you that it’s going to be okay.
You have little faith,
You’re in pain,
Constant pain,
Mental strain and its more than tiring.

What About You?

You’re a PPP,
A professional people pleaser…………………..
You live your live your to please others for your validation and that is why you’re stagnant in your situation.
Yes, it is important to care for and about others but what about you?
Are you taking care of you?
Do you love you enough to know that?
Well show that?
Self-care is not selfish.
People will talk until the cows come home because that is human nature,
It is apart of our culture.
You will lose you on the quest to becoming someone else…..
Sometimes you need to do things for yourself and if some people don’t like then
…………………………………..WHO CARES?
Get a t-shirt that says that,
Shoot, I need one!
Fashion is like your own personal stereo,
It booms loud and it makes a statement,
Your existence is a statement.
You can’t spread your entire life worrying about someone else’s opinion about you.
At the end of the day, you have to do you regardless,
Stay blessed.

Stand Out


Do we like to stand out?
Do we truly embrace this idea or do we throw it out in the cold?
We’re afraid,
We want to blend in,
You want to,
I want to,
She wants to,
He wants to,
They want to,
We want to……
We tell each other to but do we really listen to each other?
Do we listen to ourselves?
Are we in tune or do we feel immune to it?
Standing out can be a blessing and curse,
It can make things better or worse,
Uh no that’s pessimistic………..
Every individual is meant to stand out,
Diversity is what the world is about.
Why do we want to shut it out?
Lock it away,
Keep it in a cage.
Why are we so enraged with the things we don’t know about?
Why because it makes us look vulnerable?
Vulnerability opens the door to curiosity and curiosity opens the door to acquiring knowledge which leads to prosperity and intellectual security.
Do not be afraid to stand out,
It increases your clout.

Like a Teenager

You feel all over the place,
You’re in an icky transition phase,
Emotions all over the place and you wear them on your face.
You dance with feelings of rebellion from the person you used to be……….
Sometimes you feel like you have to play that role because some people still see you as the person…………
Truth is……………you’re not sixteen but you feel like it.
You crave an experimental phase………
You’re trying to give yourself one but expectations are holding you back,
You are changing.
You repressed yourself when you were that age because of expectations, situations, and feelings because of those expectations and situations and you didn’t even know it.
Well, you knew but you blew it.
You know that now and you regret it.
You’re supposed to be “mature”
Maybe you are but you still feel like a rebellious and moody teenager.

Like a Shell

You don’t want to be seen,
You don’t feel put together and clean,
You feel undesirable and messy.
You catch yourself smiling when you see someone you know,
They don’t know that you’re trying to hold it together.
You’re going through the motions and emotional at the same time…………….
You suppress the emotions in person as you continue to go through the motions…..
You run to the bathroom when you can’t hold it in,
Letting it out in front of them is a sin to you,
No one can see the real you.
The WHOLE you, ya know you in your entirety,
You feel like a shell of who you used to be.
You’re no long that young vibrant thing you once were.
Life is finally hitting you and you don’t know what to do.
You wonder how you’ll make it through this,
You want to fight this.
You just want to be you again but are people seeing the real you?
The WHOLE you?
Who are you?
Are you a shell or a fighter?
Will you fight?

Not in the Mood.

It’s Friday night and I’m not in the mood to go anywhere……….
I want to stay here.
I should be living my life like a normal 20-something ya know
Watching a movie with friends at the movies
But the thought of that doesn’t move me tonight……….
I’m feeling moody,
I don’t feel like me,
I don’t even wanna watch TV……
What is wrong with me?
I’m not me.
What’s wrong with me?
I don’t know, I’m just not feeling it?
Young and free?
Not me.
I feel frumpy,
My face is bumpy, ugggh
You gotta love hormonal acne……..
Who am I?
I’m so weird,
I should LOVE that, right?
Ok, I rambling………
NO! This is a stream of consciousness, a title I gave this rant to make it sound more “artsy”
NO! I’m not introverted but I’m not exactly extroverted either,
I guess I’m situational,
I don’t know I’m just moody and annoying, sorry.

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