Mind Ya Business

Are you bored?
Am I that interesting?
I’m enjoying myself,
Are you?
Are you because you seem bothered.
Really bothered.
I’m quite impressed.
If I had time to entertain you I would but I don’t so
Sweetie give it a rest.
I’m not a mannequin,
I move.
I know you’re staring,
What do you want?
I’m doing me right so excuse me,
Lemme flaunt.
I’m not hurting you,
I guess I’m craving your thirst for adventure.
Oh you’re laughing because you think I look ridiculous in this shirt,
I didn’t know you were such a flirt!
Try harder!
As a matter fact,
Mind ya business,
I’m minding mine and I’m doing just fine………..
Look at your phone,
You’ll find more entertainment there,
Stare there.
I don’t have time to pose for pictures..
I could be shady and say “take a picture, it will last longer.” but I don’t wanna sue you because it will screw you over….
Anyways I need to pass by so move over.
I have a life,


Where is He(Dressed Up)?

Is he even coming?
Did I get dressed up for nothing?
I’m waiting,
Debating whether this was a good idea or not,
I’m sweating,
I’m getting hot……..
There’s food in the pot is getting cold,
My patience is wearing thin,
Getting old.
The food is getting cold……



Where is he?
Is this meant to be……….
Does he love me?
I’m getting bored time to turn on the TV,
I need something to entertain me in my time of misery,
Let me get some love from the TV……
It’s a romantic comedy…..
Just what I needed …….



Where is he?
I’m in these 6-inch heels and I can’t feel my feet.
Time to take them off,
I don’t need the pain in my feet to add to the agony,
I’m tearing up as these words come to me in front of the tv,
Where is he?



Am I not pretty enough?
Interesting enough,
Smart enough,
Is there something wrong with me?
Is he really in traffic?
It’s been three hours.
I called thirty times and I still can’t get him on the line……..
Is he okay?
Is he away with someone else?
Is she better for his health?
If he thinks that, then he needs help.
Nope I’m not checking insta,
I don’t wanna be that chica.



Where is he?
I mean I’m still in front of the TV and now I’m eating the food,
The food I spent hours preparing…….
I spent hours staring at it with sadness and then I said forget it,
I hope I don’t regret it.


4 hours………..
That’s it I need to take another shower…..
There’s so much power in a shower and honestly I need to cleanse myself from this misery and pity that’s trying to take over my body as my head starts to nod off………….
I guess I need some sleep.
My eyes are starting to water,
Gosh am I about to weep?


5 hours……..
Why isn’t my butt in the shower?
He still hasn’t answered……


6 hours……..
Time to rest to my conflicted head,
I need some sleep time to go to bed……………


7 hours…..
I hear the door, after being awoken by my own tear filled snore,
I hear the door,
I hope he has a good explanation for this,
The nerve.

People Will Talk

People will stare,
Look at you as a saint or a sinner or view as a loser or a winner.


People will make assumptions,
Spill hot, new, lukewarm, cold, or old tea,
Talk about you,
You have to know who you are.
Set your own bar and make your own rules,
Be your own type of cool.

People will talk,
Walk by you with nothing or a lot to say…
Don’t let them ruin your day,
Don’t let them get in your way.
It’s easy to feel phased,
Wait was that the correct phrase?
Anyways you get what I’m trying to say?
You have to stand your ground,
Learn how to appreciate the sound of your own voice,
Learn how to appreciate it and work on the quality of your words,
Understand your worth.


Words can make or break you,
Stares and giggles can shake you but at the end of the day,
You have to be you because there’s only one of you and you are one of a kind.
A rare find,
Another you would be hard to come by.
Sometimes people will try to copy you,
Others will envy you because they want what you have and they can’t touch it because it belongs to you.
Hold your head high and always take time to thank the guy in the sky.


Humanity is humanity.
There are times when she displays the best of her unique beauty and then there are times when she looks like a straight up calamity.
That’s humanity.
We are not perfect but you know what,
We are still beautiful.
Flawed but we are still fabulous,
Riddled with scars but still superb.
Hold your head high,
Your originality is a prize,
Don’t compromise the things that make you, you.


People will talk,
Say anything.
You just continue to be you.


You don’t fit the mold.
How dare you!
You’re wearing something that someone your size should not be wearing?
How dare you!
How dare you!
You dare to be an original in a sea of copycats.
How dare you!
You want to dismantle the box that I created for you?!
How dare you!
You love yourself,
Why do you love yourself?
How dare you!
I’m so sick of you……….
Why can’t you just stick to the rules and stay in your place?
You take up too much space anyways,
Stay in your place.
Don’t move.
Don’t move.
You want to b r e a k therules?
How dare you!
The rules are the rules and they will stay that way….
How dare you!
What’s wrong with you?
Your opinions differ from mine…….
I can’t breathe,
No, I’m not fine…..
How dare you?
You think differently from me,
How dare you!
You love differently from me,
How dare you!
Your hair looks different from mine and I think mine looks normal,
How dare you wear your hair proudly!
You dress differently…….
Your fashion is too out there and its scaring me,
You don’t look expensive,
You look too expensive,
You think you’re cute.
How dare you!
You wear makeup.
How dare you!
You don’t wear makeup.
How dare you!
You love yourself.
How dare you!
You are you and you play by your own rules……….
How dare you!

Heat of the Moment

I really hurt you and I didn’t tell that I was dealing with anxiety.
I wasn’t mad at you,
I was mad at me,
I took it out on you and it wasn’t healthy.
Garbage came out of my mouth,
The wrong things came out,
Garbage came out of my mouth.
What was I even talking about?
Garbage came out.
I just said things in the heat of the moment……………


I should’ve just told you how I was feeling.
Why can’t I?
I took it out on you and that was the wrong thing to do.
I just…….
I don’t know.
I said things I didn’t mean,
I was so inconsiderate and mean…
Steam was coming from my head and now I can’t go to bed.
We all say things we don’t mean with steam when we’re irrationally angry,
It’s not just me and yes,
Yes I’m taking responsibility for my actions!
Just forgive me.
I said things in the heat of the moment that I didn’t mean.
Forgive me.

Take Over 2

When self doubt tries to creep up on me,
Take over.
Take over when I’m about to say something that I might regret,
Take over when I start to fret.
I want you,
I need you to take over when I want to give up and my drive is running low,
Take over when I’m moving too fast and I need to take it slow.
Take over when I know I’m doing something that I know is not good for me,
I want you,
I need to you to take over when I feel like I can’t tale anymore,
Take over when I feel like I’m going to hit the floor.
Take over when life breaks my heart and I need a fresh start.
Take over when I feel like I’m not going to make it,
Take my negativity and throw it away……..
Take over and help me say “I’m going to be okay.”

What I See

If only you saw what I see.
When I look at you, I see the beauty that you can’t see.
The beauty that you see is only skin deep,
If only you saw what I see.
If I saw nothing in you,
You wouldn’t be here.
Lift your head up and dry your tears.
When you see less,
I see more.
That is why I’m here,
Let me be your mirror.
When you a failure,
I see success.
When you see a disgrace,
I see a blessing.
When you see trial,
I see triumph.
I look at you and see something special,
You are loved.
When I see you,
I feel love.
If only you saw what I see.

Tug of War

I can’t do it anymore,
I have to let go.
In order to win I have to let you win,
I have to let you win this tug of war.
I can’t fight you anymore,
Why do I keep fighting?
You always win……………………….
But I want to win.
I want to win the battle against my struggle within but you want to win the war,
The war waged with sin.
I’m not my worry,
My fear,
I’m not my mistakes,
The lies said about me.
I have to let go,
I have to let go of this rope and hold on to the hope that you will pull me in the right direction,
You see a different reflection than I do when I look in the mirror,
You see things clearer,
You told me I was a fighter,
So why do I have to let go?
When a door closes,
That is you saying, “No, I have something better.”
I feel like a bull with horns,
A rose with thorns,
A diamond in the rough.
I try to be tough…………..
I just want things to go right so I pull
I don’t know when to let go of the rope.
I spin,
Your mind spins out of control,
So much that you don’t know where you are and you don’t know where you need to go,
You need to hold onto something,
You want to maintain control.
You find the rope again and you
To maintain your control but there are somethings you can’t control…………
If only I knew that,
I want to believe that you will pull me in the right direction but sometimes I don’t know.
Sometimes it feels cold out here,
Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning in my tears and you’re far away.
Sometimes my hope fades and I continue to pull and play the game because I’m ashamed and I just want ……………..
I don’t want to take the blame.
I want to believe that you know what’s best for me and part of me still does……
I still do.
I still believe in you,
I still do.
Right now it’s just hard to.
My grip is just too tight.
I need to let go…………
I know you you know what’s best for me,
So I let you have the rope and when I try to pull,
Remind me that I need to let go………………

She Got Dressed Up

It was a warm Friday night and she wanted to make sure that things were just right for the guy she liked.

I mean she really liked him.
He made her happy.
He made her smile and she hadn’t experienced that in a while.
He drove her crazy and she felt free in his presence……………………….
She put on her favorite red dress,
His favorite scent,
Her most expensive makeup,
Did here hair and put on her highest heels,
She wanted to give him the feels when he saw her.
She was excited!
So she waited,
She waited…….
She waited,
She clenched her fists……………
She grew impatient,
Grew more impatient,
She texted,
Then bawled,
She was enthralled with a guy that never came.
Was he playing a game?
She felt like a free-for-all.
She cried her makeup off before she had to formally wash it off.
She took her shoes and dress off, changed into her PJs, went to the freezer, grabbed a buck of ice cream, a spoon and turned on the TV.
Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be.

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