FALL in love with expression.

Take Over

When I’m feeling down and out,
Take over.
I want to feel you all over me,
I want to be set free from the negativity that likes to bind me from time to time.
When it feels like I’m losing my mind,
Take over.
Shield me,
Protect me,
I just need you to take over.
When I feel hopeless and helpless,
Take over,
Take over,
Take over.
When I feel like its the end and there’s nothing left,
Take over.
Restore my hope,
Help me cope…..
As I’m writing this, take the pen and take over.


Dear Discouraged

I know you don’t feel like yourself right now but I promise that you’ll find yourself again and you’ll love that person.
You’ll love that person but you have to learn how to love the person you are right now and nurture them,
Encourage them,
Hug them,
Take care of them,
Love them.
Things always have a way of working themselves out,
I know you’re tempted to pout but you have to cut it out if you want to get out of this hole and become whole again.
I see you and I am your friend.
I see you.
Take my hand and let me show you the way,
Trust me, I can take the pain away.
So………………….life let you down huh…
You feel exhausted,
Sometimes hopeless,
Sometimes envious,
Things didn’t go your way.
You’ve had your share of failures and you’re constantly scared of the next one…………..
But why?
But why?
Why is your mind going there?
Why are you constantly living in fear?
Why does your mind go there?
There’s nothing to fear as long as I’m here.
Do you get it?
Try positivity,
you won’t regret it,
Yup I said it.
Life is rough but life is beautiful and believe it or not there is beauty in your mistakes,
Bruises and
Ignore the voice that likes to whisper lies in your ear like a sly snake.
Those lies want to break you,
Shake you,
Hurt you and when they do, where do you turn to?
Well, you can turn to me when you feel like you have no one else to turn to.
Dear discouraged,
Disillusioned and
I’m here for you.

You’re Still Here

You’re Still Here
You made it.
You made it.
You’ve been through so much and yet your feet still touch the ground,
You didn’t think you’d still be here but God kept you around.
Remember this when you feel down and out,
Remember this when thoughts of uncertainty cross your mind,
Remember this when you find time to complain.
You’re here for a reason,
Bad seasons don’t last forever……..
At the end of them, we uncover the greatest treasures that felt hidden in the trial.
There’s so much to be proud of,
Love surrounds you,
There’s no limit to the good you can do but you have to believe in you…..
YOU have power,
YOU have the ability to speak all over those things over yourself.
YOU have the ability to end your pity parties.
YOU have the ability to finally forgive yourself.
You’re still here,
You’re still here.
STOP letting your fears paralyze you,
STOP letting them speak for you.
STOP letting using excuses to victimize yourself.
You can progress,
Live and thrive and that is the reason why you’re alive.
You’re here.
It could’ve been a different story but God didn’t see it fit.
That’s it.

Fresh Start


I’m ready to start over……..
Maybe I should stop putting my trust in four-leaf clovers and put it in something substantial.
I’m trying to dismantle my negativity and throw it away……….
It has a bitter taste that doesn’t belong in my mouth,
So bitter it makes me want to shout.
I can’t leave my past alone and every time I think about my future,
I run away from home, the present.
I can’t fix my past and I can make plans but I can’t predict my future.
Where’s the self-forgiveness?
Where’s the self-assurance?
Where’s the self-esteem?
Where is it?
I’m sick of feeling sorry for myself,
Sick of not taking care of myself,
Not being myself.
Last year is dead and gone,
It rough and sometimes very dark but my light is still on,
I’m still here,
I’m still here.
The spark isn’t gone,
The question is………… do I go on?
How do I live in the now?
The brush is in my hand and the colors are on my stand…………..
I can paint a new picture.
Where’s the forgiveness?
Where’s the reassurance?
Where’s the certainty?
I know its in me.
I want a fresh start.
Lord, give me a cleaner and happier heart.
Help me to look to and trust you when things fall apart,
I need a fresh start and a better mop, my old one just ain’t cuttin’ it.
Why do I feel like I always have so many mental chores?
Gosh I have so much work to do……………
How am I going to get through the year?
Why am I constantly caught in the web of fear?
I need to let go and just go with the flow,
pssssssht………..yeah right.
Not my type A self but ending the excuses would help,
I need to start believing in myself.
Where’s the conviction in that statement?
Do I actually believe that or am I just saying that to sound cute?
Do I actually believe that?
Is it too late to make resolutions?
Should I make any?
Stay on topic,
Stay on topic.
I feel like this is going to be my year but I need to believe it.
I need to live in the now.
I don’t know but I’ll find a way.

Laugh in My Face PT. 3

I want a house,
I want a home.
A home filled with light even at night.
I want to go outside and feel the sun rays on my face,
I want to bask in its brightness…….
You can stay pressed.
You love to mock me and you think that it shocks me but it doesn’t at all.
I want to get up and stand tall.
I’ve been sitting in this darkness for TOO long and I feel weak, not strong,
Prepare for my swan song from your cage in the key A
A liberated soul.
I’m tired of sitting in my rage,
Dissatisfaction and ungratefulness.
This seat is on fire and my soul has a desire to be done with you and your negativity.
I’m clawing my way through the dirt,
The dirt that hurt me,
Made me feel unworthy and dwell in uncertainty.
So……….laugh in my face…..
When I finish the race it will put you in your place and you will try to take me down
Again and again and I will finish that race to.
I don’t belong to you.
If I could sue you I would because your damages are costly but I can’t
I won’t.
I can see you rubbing your hands together and licking your lips,
You’re moving your hips because you think these lyrics are a parody.
Go ahead.
Go ahead and laugh at me……….
Laugh all you want but I will finish the race and have the last laugh.
Actually HE will.
So, go ahead enjoy your temporary pleasure because it won’t last forever.

Laugh in My Face PT. 2

You laugh when I feel happy and you tell me “You know that its not going to last forever so it enjoy it. Life is misery and you love ME. You want ME.”
The truth is, I don’t want YOU.
I keep on breaking up with you and then you always find a way to lure me in again.
You’re no friend to me so why do want to spend so much time bothering me?
You love my pity parties.
You hate the possibility of my freedom from your grasp so you clap your hands and laugh every time I cry,
You leave me paralyzed with your lies,
I can’t move.
You don’t want me to move and I’m glued to the negativity.


I can’t forgive others and I can’t forgive myself.
I can’t forgive me.
I want you to flee.
Get off of me!
I need you to get off of me but ya see you,
You’re not easy,
You’re so clingy,
You don’t want me to be HAPPY.
Living not existing,
LIVING not existing.
You don’t want to see me thriving,
I’m trying to crawl out of this hole and you’re trying to step on me and block me but you see your tactics aren’t new so this isn’t shocking.
No, not shocking at all.
You love to see me fail,
You love to see me build walls………….
Well……I want to tear them down.
This is a prison and I want a house.


Laugh in My Face PT. 1

You take pride in my failures and my doubt makes you rich…….
You want me dead in a ditch,
Sometimes I feel so defeated that I can’t see past the glitches……
It leaves me in stitches and all I can hear is your stupid devious laugh,
That devious laugh……….
You find delight in my failures and I believe your lies,
Lies that seek to paralyze,
Empty and bury me.
I’m trying to crawl of your hole.
I want to be whole again,
Darkness is NOT my friend.
I will see the light at the end of tunnel,
I refuse to pummel,
My misery is your gold,
Coveted treasure and favorite un-guilty treasure.
You have no other than joy when you do this…………
When you suck mine dry…..
My tears are like purified water for your system…..
No, my tears are filled with pure anger and sadness.
My soul is not your runaway,
I’m ready to runaway,
I’m trying to find a way to leave your grasp.
You love to clap and laugh at me like some twisted mad scientist.
You think I’m over but honey I’m just getting started!
Your laugh is loud, boisterous, intimidating,
and just repulsive.
Some days you leave me in pain……
When I say I want to change and be freed from your chains you think its in vain.
What a shame.
You like to laugh in my face.

On a Plane (Party’s Over)

You’re On a Plane
You went clubbing last night before you’re flight, you should be fired………
No, no you had fun and everyone needs a little bit….
Just a little bit.
Your feet are hurting because you messed them up in another country trying to walk fast and now you can’t get past the pain it’s probably strained……but you know you, you’re a drama queen so you like to complain.
You’re on plane and you were given an opportunity of a lifetime….
You are in the prime of your life, it’s your time.
Did you cease it?
It’s over, can you believe it?
You have mixed feelings……….
You want to go home but you miss your other home……
You are in your feelings and you’re alone.
You want to go home but you miss your other home…….
You faced adversity there but you grew, you grew up………
You got tougher.
You cried and you laughed a lot……..
You proved that you are pathetic, you are just you…..
You grew and I’m proud of you.
You are still nervous but you are different
You grew and I’m so proud of you.

On a Plane(It’s Here)

You’re on a plane and you don’t know what to say……………
This is not your first plane ride but it is your first alone,
You have thoughts of going home but you can’t…………you’re on a plane and you can’t stop now.
You can’t hide the anxiety you feel inside,
You can’t even hide it with a false sense of pride………
You just want everything to run smoothly.
It’s here yet you fear………….
You’re a perfectionist,
You can’t relax but you know you need to do that but you can’t………
You fear the mishaps but you’re supposed to be glad,
Supposed to be happy.
Something happened already and you can’t take your mind off of it and you pray that God grants your mercy…….
You’re supposed to be sleeping but instead you’re freaking out and weeping on the inside………..
You miss your family already and you’re not even at your destination yet…..
You’re feeling fretful,
Forgetful because you forget to realize that this is a blessing.
This is a blessing.
Yet you still fear and its here.
All you can focus is on is that one mishap and how you can’t turn back…..
Where is your faith?
Why can’t you just trust him?
I know you’re shaking,
Your mind is racing and your heart can’t stop beating…….
The same suspenseful rhythm repeating itself,
As you pray silently, you cry out to the lord for help.
You hope that he hears you and you’re still fixated on that one thing and the words I miss you.
What are you going to do?
You will land in a few hours…….
In this moment, you wonder if he is your holding your hand.
You need that physical touch,
You crave it so much.
It’s going to be okay,
It’s going to be okay.
You’re going to be okay.
It’s here and it’s going to be okay……
No matter what doubt says,
It’s going to be okay.

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