Things Will Fall In Line

Sunset at the Beach

I’m glad that you’re here with me,
You’re so beautiful I can’t even speak,
What’s wrong with me?
I’m supposed to be enjoying the water but honestly you look better.
The sun is shining on the crystal clear sea,
I’m so lucky that you picked me out of all of the people in the world,
I’m happy to be your girl.
Your beauty is at its finest,
It’s peak.
You’re hotter than the sun and more beautiful than the sunset at the beach………..
Teach me how to reach that level of beauty,
I feel like a queen when you’re next to me.
Your skin is softer than the sand,
Your touch more is more soothing than the sea,
Your warmth is something that the sun would envy.
You glisten,
You speak words of life to me and I listen.
You’re more beautiful than the sunset at the beach,
No this is not a reach.
You are the epitome of everything beautiful about the world,
No you’re not God but you’re quite remarkable.

You keep me sane.
You keep me out of trouble,
You finish my sentences when I fumble.
You speak for me when I feel mumbling.
You pick me up when I tumble.
You make me smile when I frown,
Cheer me up when I’m down
Money can’t buy what we have.
I’m grateful for you,
You lift me up when I’m sad.
The day is gorgeous but you’re stunning,
Teach me your ways.
I’ll be your student,
I don’t care how long it takes,
I don’t care how long it takes.
I’m surrounded by all of this beauty but you just look and feel better to me
Skin softer than the sand,
Touch more soothing than the sea,
You’re more soothing than the sunset at the beach.


Expect To Get Wet

When you get splashed,
Don’t get upset,
Expect to get wet.
The waves are moody,
Depending on the day, she’ll be who she wants to be.
Expect to get soaked,
Sand between your feet,
Sun-kissed and free,
Welcome to the beach.

Expect to get wet,
Stop fretting boo,
If you can’t handle the water then get out until she calms down.
Read a book,
Get some ice cream,
Build a sand castle,
Turn that frown upside down…………………..
When you go back in,
Expect to get wet,
Stop fretting.
Have fun but please be safe.
Save and serve face.
I want you to survive this summer day,
Save and serve face.
When you get in the water,
Expect to get wet.


We went everywhere………………….
We saw so many new places,
Met new people,
Saw many new faces,
Inhabited new spaces………….and we did it together,
Everything was better with you.
You held my hand when we went through hard times but look at us,
We came out alright.

We took walks on the beach,
Treated ourselves to our version of “fine” dining.
Saw ancient architecture and attempted the special art of flamenco,
We held each other tight and never let go.
We saw the newlywed glow on the faces of family members,
Witnessed the Vatican and I would do it again.
I didn’t want the summer to end,
I wish it was extended.

We danced night after night,
Holding each other tight and never letting go,
We made the most of our experiences and there’s something endearing about that.
We almost lost the metro numerous times but we still saw what we wanted to see,
I wanted to see the Spanish sea but I guess it just wasn’t meant to be.
Maybe next time.
I wish I saw more in Italy but my injury prevented me from doing that.
Maybe next time,
I’m just happy to be alive,
I just want to thrive now,
Traveling the world makes me feel alive.
You make me feel like I can do anything.
Last summer was so good that I just want to sing about it all day long.
Our travel game was strong,
I’m glad that you took me along for the ride.
Best. Summer. Ever.

We Screamed For Ice Cream

The sound stopped us in our tracks,
We ran toward it and never looked back.
Did we have change in our pocket?
We didn’t know and we didn’t care,
We just wanted to get there.
We ran and ran and ran
Until it stopped.
When we searched our pockets for change nothing was there and our hearts dropped.
The vendor saw sadness on our faces and asked us,
“What can I get for y’all?”
Our eyes lit up and our voices sped up with excitement as we told the man what we wanted,
We got free ice cream and and we flaunted it,
The other kids were pissed.
I guess looking sad gets you what you want,
Well I thought that 15 years ago,
I mean not now,
When we ran, we screamed like lunatics.
We were ice cream fanatics,
I mean what kid wasn’t.
That sound is enticing,
I wonder if its mind control……………
Well I guess I’ll never know,
We enjoyed that ice cream though.
We wanted more but the truck left.
We ran home and begged our parents to go the store but they just gave us money to go the store,
We walked there.
Ahhhh the young and the helpless….
Nah it was easier then,
I’m a restless adult now but I’ll never forget the time when we screamed for ice cream.
I still do.


Really enticing,
Tell me more.

Sippin’ On Sorrel

The spice is nice,
My taste buds like it.
It just isn’t Summer or Christmas without it.
I like my sorrel spicy annnnnnndddddd what about it?
Maybe I shouldn’t drink it while I’m trying to eat this curry and roti.
Why did you make it extra spicy today?
After I put my blood sweat and tears into this sorrel drink.
Let’s pray that my insides aren’t on fire,
The devil is a liar,
This sorrel is fire,
Hot like me,
When I attempt to look good or decent,
Or whatever……………
(Back to the drink………
The intermission was fun but why did I put it there? That was dumb okay.)

Blood red and icy,
Sit outside and feel the spice of life,
The refreshing taste will save your life.
Don’t even think about bringing that ginger beer over hear ya hear?
I’m not in the mood for that.
Cream soda?
Yeah it was good but I can’t cheat on my sorrel,
That it not aloud..
Peanut punch?
That was lunch……
Nah I don’t want that taste lingering in my throat………….
I mean they look alike but later not now.
Get that away from me,
Don’t make me cuss.
Fruit punch?
Nah I’ll drink that with tomorrow’s lunch.
I drink that awl of the time.
Stop trying it like the people that try to come for Beyonce.
No comment.
Is it hot?
Is it good?
If it isn’t then its not for me.

Let me put up this spicy curry and sip on this blissfully,
I’ll keep the roti and eat it with some brown stew.
Oh and the roti,
I took the last piece.
You can be a doll and finish the rice in the fridge for me.

She Likes It Extra Spicy

She’s hot like a stove,
Don’t even try to touch her………….
You will get burnt,
Well that what you’ll get if you try her,
She’s not the one.
She’s a star and she knows it.
When she enters the room,
Clear the runway.
Watch her strut,
No one walks the walk the way she does.
She loves hard and hot,
She likes the passion,
It’s her fuel,
Her adrenaline.
She likes it saucy,
She’s not a rookie,
She’s seasoned.
She hates it bland,
Too sweet?
Nah not her cup of tea,
She doesn’t like it chilly,
She’s goofy,
Hysterical but she knows when to take herself seriously.

She’s who you want to be.
She’s who you envy………..
Is she you or me
Or someone else?
She’s everything and more,
All that you can ask for but what is she like behind closed doors?
Is she the personality we see?
Does she display fragility?
Who is she?
She likes it daring,
She likes it extra spicy……….
She doesn’t play it safe because life is too short.
Lord that girl is always thinking outside of the box and that is commendable,
She is her own woman,
Her own brand,
Her own blueprint,
Her own mold………………
She IS the trend.
Her mind is faster than her counterparts………
Her intellect is heaven sent.
She likes it fresh,
She’s a diva and divine at the same time.
Don’t waste her time,
She likes it extra spicy.

Angry Forever

The past has passed,

That anger has you gassed up too much,
Do you even trust a soul?
You need to get out of this hole,
You need to be whole,
Let it go.
You should’ve spoken up when you got the chance but instead you danced with the people pleasing demon with no seasoning,
So bland,
You can move on and forgive the ones that hurt you,
You need to forgive to live,
Live your life sis.
I know its not easy but you need to give this up,
You’re giving up on your own self-happiness,
Enough of them, tell yourself,
“It’s time to focus on me.”
You need to cut this dead weight off because its affecting your joints,
You need to walk,
You need to run…………
They didn’t say sorry,
Say what?
They’ll eventually know and that time will come but you can’t spend your whole life waiting on it hun because it won’t come overnight………….
They’re living their life so why don’t you live yours,
Stop treating forgiveness like its a chore,
It’s more than that..
You can’t be angry forever,
That’s not a clever thing to do,
There’s so much more to you then staying stuck in the past.
Time waits for no one,
Life goes on………..
You’re a lot stronger than you think,
You’ll miss out on the rest of your life if you don’t learn how to forgive,
You can’t be angry forever.

Relaxing Is A Foreign Concept

Not here.
I can’t………..
There’s so much to do and think about,
I’m in the zone and I can’t get out,
That’s what this is about…….
I’m trying to stay calm but I can’t,
Do I deserve to?
I have so much work to do…..
I need to get it done,
I have to
Why are you forcing me to?
Yes okay but this needs needs to get done first.
I need this money,
I need this grade,
I need this attention,
I need this praise but what’s gonna happen when that fades?
I don’t wanna go crazy………..
You’re telling me to take it easy but nothing has ever come easy to me….
You’re telling me to take it easy,
No I have to work hard.
Am I working too hard?
Is the lack of relaxation hardening my heart?
I don’t want it to fall apart,
I need to be together all of the time but where’s the time for me?
Maybe you’re right,
I need to take it easy sometimes.
I’m trying to do it all because I want it all.
It can be damaging…….
What about me?
What about my psyche?
Relaxing is a foreign concept.
I neglected it,
Forgot about it and tossed it in a bin,
I guess that explains why I’m in the state I’m in
I neglected it,
Rejected it because I feared that it would slow me down.
No! Constantly pounding the pavement is causing me to feel down.
Where’s the time to recharge?
Where is it?

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