Another Day, Another Shooting 2

Another day, another mother weeping for her child….
Another father that has to sit with the feeling that his child won’t be sleeping in their bed tonight,
That’s not right,
It’s a plight.




Another day, another jealous rage that ends in someone being taken at a young age,
Old age.
Another day, another person who has lost hope, in themselves or another person so they use the tool as a final coping mechanism.
Another day, another person taken from this world for just being themselves,
It’s the toxicity of certain rules that we’ve created in this society that needs help.
Get well soon.




Another day,
More silence,
More violence.
Another day, another preventable loss,
How much will it cost this time?




Another day, another warrior,
Another fighter,




Another survivor…….
Another leader,
Another day,
Another movement,
More change,
More honest conversations
More participation.




Another day, another chance to live,
Another chance to hope,
To learn how to cope with everything around you,
The things that surround you.



Another day to thank God for his blessings,
Another day to breathe,
Another day to seize the moment.
Another day to acknowledge how brief life is.
Another day to be kissed,
To give and receive love.


Another day, another chance to dream,
Another day to see that life is not as bad as it seems.
Another day, another chance to heal,
Another chance to deal with this crazy little beautiful called life,
Initially conceived from love.


Another Day, Another Shooting

*Deep Breath*

Why is this surprising?
Why am I waking up to this news over and over again?
I’m asking for a friend…………
When will this desensitization end?
Asking for a friend………….
It just keeps on happening,
We just keep on waking up to this,
People are constantly loosing their loved ones to a gu……….
We cry,
We pray and nothing happens over and over again.
Another day, another shooting.
Another body on the ground.
Another distraught cry from a mother,
Ugggggh I hate that sound! The sound that cause another body to fall to the ground,
The pound on the door when the police tells you that you’re loved one is not alive anymore,
That gut wrenching sound you never expect,
You think “It will never happen to me…….”
When will we be free from this?
Another day, another innocent life taken for no reason whatsoever but people are like “whatever.”
No, now is the time to come together,
Now is the time to do better.
Not tomorrow,
Lives are being lost everyday,
I literally can’ t watch the news today……
When is it going away?
Another day, another moment of silence while violence is taking place,
Behind the scenes and in front of our faces.
Are we even safe in our spaces?
Are we comfortable with other races?
Another day, another black body hunted down,
Another black body shot to the ground,
People being labeled because they are brown……..
It’s time to come up…..
I’m tired of being down.
The cost of being black,
The cost of being brown.

She Likes it Spicy

She doesn’t care.
She’s here, there and everywhere…………………….
She’s a fiery queen,
She’s so hot you can see and feel the steam,
Her self-esteem is through the roof and she’s on fire.
She’s a bada…………………………….
When she walks into a room all eyes are on her,
She knows her worth……….
She owns that room and you can’t tell her what to do
She likes it bold,
She doesn’t like it mild,
She’s a wild child darling,
She likes it spicy.




She’s the life of the party,
She’s not you or me.
Or maybe she is……………..
She lives her life to the fullest and finds beauty in the quirkiest things.
She’s secure and an undeniable star,
You can spot her from afar.



She’s a boss,
You can’t stop her grind,
Uggggggghhhhh her mind,
That mind,
A mind full of creative energy,
Can she give some of that to me?
Can she help a sis in need?
I admire her confidence,
How she gets any guy she wants in her arms?
How does she do it?
Miss hot stuff….and she can tough it out with the boys.




She’s a strong woman,
She can hold her own and her home is dope.
She’s just so cool,
She rules the school,
Look at the way she moves……….
She has an eclectic style,
She goes wild!
You can spot her from a mile away…………..
She switches it up everyday,
She slays.
She’s not afraid to speak her mind.
She has a brilliant mind.





She’s passionate,
She has a brilliant mind,
She’s passionate,
She loves hard……………
When she lets down her guard,
Its hard for her to put it back up.



She likes it bold,
She doesn’t like it mild,
She likes it spicy.

Old Flame

I think I’m in love with you,

I love every little thing you but I’m reminded of him every time I look at you.
So much for trying to move on to somebody new,
There’s just so many physical similarities between you two……………………………………
When will I learn?
He’s the past and you’re the present.
That smile of yours makes me weak,
So weak I can’t even speak.
You have perfect teeth,
Like, wait what’s his name?
Like my old flame.
Sometimes the two of you look the same,
Ok now I remember his name………
Wait why am I saying it and why are you hearing it?
Are you getting mad?
I’m sorry,
What’s wrong with me?
I’m supposed to be over him,
My recollection of him is ruining things for me.
He’s not you and you are not him.
You’re different and I’m supposed to be different too,
I’m supposed to forget about him when I’m with you,
That’s not fair to you.
Maybe you’re too good for me………….
I’m sorry,
I just want us to be.
I’m just in my head again………
He left such an impression on me,
He was a planet but you’re the entire galaxy.
Does that sound cheesy?
I use figurative speech terribly and you’re still into me.
You’re definitely one of a kind,
A rare find,
I’m glad you’re mine,
I just need to get my old flame or what ever his name is off my mind.
I need to treasure this rare find,
Glad to call you mine.

She Likes it Mild

She likes it sweet,
No spice.
She likes to play it safe,
She wants to protect her name,
She ain’t playin’ no silly games,
She doesn’t want the shame.


She’s no wild child,
She likes it mild,
Classic style.
She’s conditional.


She’s not boring,
She’s just subdued,
She knows her limits unlike you.
No I’m not trying to say that she’s better than you,
Who told you that?


She takes pleasure in the simple things,
Simple bliss.
She prefers kisses on the cheek.
She’s very ladylike in her speech,
She’s not you,
She’s not me.
Or is she?
Some say she’s a golden child because she avoids anything wild.
Sometimes I want her will power.
I admire her discipline and ability to hold it together when everything falls apart.
How does her heart stay together?



She slays,
She stays out of trouble and its working for her.
I guess it pays to be the good girl.
I just want a day in her world.


She likes it sweet,
No spice.
She’s nice.
She doesn’t want the shame,
She’s no wild child,
She likes it mild.

Honey Butter

Give me more.
Soft to the touch,
I need a moment.
This is too much for me.
I’m so hungry,
Give it to me.
This honey,
So tasty,
This butter,
I need to lick my finger.
No I’m not done……………
Hard to beat.



I need some right now,
I need to be complete,
So sweet.


I need a piece of good toast.
Gotta spread it on to make the most of it,
Gotta get a good drink,
Gotta toast to it,
Gotta make the most of it.


I need it on a biscuit,
Not a triscuit,
Will it taste good on that?
Who knows?
That honey,
That shine so fine,
That glow.
That sweetness it just grows on you.


I need some potatoes,
Not tomatoes.
I said potatoes.
Gotta make the most of this spread,
I can’t get the recipe outta my head.
I’ve read it so many times,
Is it a crime to add some cinnamon?
She likes it a little spicy if ya know what I mean….



Soul food?
It’s so good.


I need some pancakes so I can spread it on,
Its more addictive than brilliantly crafted pop song with an irresistible hook,
Dang its almost gone……..
I wasted it on dinner and left none for breakfast……


Soft to the touch.
I’m so hungry,
Give it to me.



Really delicious.



Never disappointing,

Kitchen Therapy

I need to create,

I need somewhere to escape,
I need that space and that’s not up for debate.
I’m not amazing but I’ll get better.
I’ll improve,
I’ll make the right type of moves,
I just need to find my groove in the kitchen.
Listen there ain’t nothin like a little kitchen therapy,
Ya hear me?
I just need to get lost in the flavors,
I need to savor
The spices,
The onions,
I need a cold drink,
The fire is too much for me right but somehow I like it.
The onions made me cry but that’s apart of life,
Somethings make you laugh and other things make you cry,
You wonder why but that’s life.
Why did I just off topic?
What caused this?
Oh yes my own faux deep philosophy……….
Anyway cooking makes me feel complete.
I like to try new things,
I always want to surprise myself.
Bon appetit!
Ok I’m trying to write something inspiring but its failing,
I just need to look at something,
Get inspired and cook.
I’m not top tier but I will get better,
I will get better.
There’s nothing quite like kitchen therapy
You hear me?
The lure of familiar and unfamiliar scents puts me in my element,
The gift of creativity is heaven sent,
Once you have it when you get inspired its hard to get out of it,
You can’t get enough of it.
Is too much of it a bad thing?
There’s nothing like hearing that oven ding,
That bell ring,
Your heart sings.
There’s nothing like tasting your own creating and it tasting magnificent,
That’s significant.
Your creations are a reflection of you and the things you like to do,
They say a lot about you and your essence.
There’s nothing quite like the unique essence of a new dish,
A dish you wish you made earlier but you never got around to it but now you feel like you can do it.
When you feel alive,
You thrive.
You thrive because finally start to live life.
Being in the kitchen gives me that feeling,
Creating is apart of my healing,
It is my way of dealing with everything.
I need to do it more,
Cooking shouldn’t feel like a chore,
It shouldn’t be a bore.
Ain’t nothing like kitchen therapy,
Ya hear me?
It makes me feel whole,
Creating new things is good for the soul,
Everyone wants to feel whole.

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