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Here’s a hug,
Here’s some love,
You need it.
The feeling you get when you get one…………………..
Ahhhhhh you can’t beat it,
It transcends fun.
Here’s my shoulder.
You can cry on it,
It’s free.
Worth more than any piece of money,
And sweeter than any drop of honey.
Here’s my hand.
Grab it and understand that I will never let go,
That’s something I want you to know.
Here’s my ear.
I’ll listen to you through your happiness or tears.
So alleviate your fears
It’s okay,
I won’t go away,
Stay here.
Here’s my arms.
They’re open,
And eager to give you the biggest hug.
Here’s my jacket.
I want to keep you warm
Because I know the thought of being cold alarms you
And the thought of that harms me.
I want to see you happy
Here’s my love,
Love because I care
And because I enjoy having you here.
Here’s an embrace so tight
That it won’t be right if I let go.
That’s something I want you to know.
Here’s a hugh
Here’s some love
You need it.