Who are you when you’re alone?
Lonely or in great company?
Who are you when you’re with someone else?
A lie or unapologetically yourself?
Who are you once you acquire wealth?
A mean one like Mr. Grinch or a societal help?
Who are when you cheat?
A confessor or secret keeper?
Who are you when you fail?
Someone who is going to fall apart or someone who will prevail in spite of that fail
Who are you?
When you don’t fit in the box that others try to place you in?
Desperate to make it in,
Or persistent to stand out because one day it will actually count?
Who are you
When the ride goes from smooth to bumpy?
A quitter or survivor?
Who are you when you read this poem?
A miracle?
A dreamer?
or Undefined?
Who are you?
Who are you?