Who are you right now?
The Past?
The Present?
Or the Future?
A Student?
A Teacher?
Or Both?
A Couch Potato?
Or a Mover/Shaker?
Stubborn or Traditional?
Is your love conditional,
Or unconditional?
Are you a joy,
Or a pain?
Are you a loss,
Or a gain?
Do you cause ease,
Or strain?
Are you in it for good intentions,
Or are you just playing a game?
Who are you?
Lost or found?
Starving or fed?
Out or in bed?
Do you follow your heart,
Or your head?
Prom Queen or Misfit?
Biscuit or Triscuit?
Purple or Pink?
A Nod,
Or a wink?
Someone who likes to feel,
Or think?