(Excuse the sass here)
Who are you when life breaks your heart?
Do you live or depart?
Who are you outside of your comfort zone?
Alive in the new or dead in the past?
Who are you?
Someone who frets and regrets,
Or forgives and lives?
Who are you?
A Smile or a Boohoo?
Who are you?
An Original or a Knockoff?
Do you shut your mouth because the lord told you to,
Or do you stir the tea pot?
Because it smells good and it tastes good pipin’ hot?
Who are you when you’re friend isn’t really friend?
A lover of infinite dead last chances or a lover of bye Felicias
And dances with dishonesty?
Basic or Bad?
Bordered or Border less?
Spring or Fall?
1% or your all?
Who are You?
Where are you?
How are you?
What are you?
Why are you,
Are you medicine or the flu?
Who are you boo?