(Excuse the melodrama……………..haha)
Not a teenager anymore.
Not a teenager anymore.
Adulthood knocking at my door.
She wants food.
In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How rude?”
What’s in my fridge?
I’m looking, crap, why does my scalp have to itch?
Is my fridge light flickering?
Wait I’m not used to this glitch…………………..
I’m sweating and wait a minute is that an eye twitch?
Adulthood is calling my phone and I keep on swiping red.
I can’t get the fear of talking to her out of my head.
I’m rolling over in my bed hoping to stay asleep
Because she is the alarm that keeps waking me,
But you see I continuously hit snooze.
I’m such a silly goose…………
Okay, what are you doing?
Stay on topic!
What’s allowing you to block it?
You’re not a kid anymore
But your imagination is still wild and childlike.
Dreams huge, big, and bright
And you can’t fight the fact that you’re actually an idealist and not a realist.
Bills, Bills, Bills are coming your way.