I’ll move and move to the groove that moves me
And inspires me to be me.
I’ll express, because I have things to get off my chest
And I’ll feel stifled like a caged bird or un-watered flower.
If I don’t,
I won’t get rest.
I’ll stay up.
I digress.
No but really,
It will cause stress,
And I’ll be the hottest hot mess.
This side of town.
I’ll be down, way down.
I’ll feel like a clown
And then I’ll frown like a cliche sad clown(possibly the lamest line ever, not very clever).
I’ll create, because I want to participate,
Be great.
I’ll contribute, even if you refute
The beauty that is in me.
I’ll transform, because change doesn’t last forever.
It doesn’t carry you into eternity.
I’ll eat, because I need to be fed.
I’ll read because there are books to be read.
I’ll learn until my brain and body goes to bed.
Sometimes things will challenge what I think I know,
So……………. I’ll occasionally bump my head.