The last part Ecclesiastes 1:2 states that “all is vanity.”
The real question is, who wants to lose their sanity in the vanities of this world.
You can have it all: diamonds, rubies and pearls,
You can be the “it girl”
But it would be a calamity if you lost your sanity due to vanities of this world.
Will it last forever?
Be careful of what you’re getting yourself into.
Be clever.
And likes are nice but are they really everything?
And yes it is quite human to want that
So you won’t feel like crap.
The ego,
You know
Is more fragile than you think.
Before you can even blink, if you don’t think, you can turn into someone you don’t recognize.
Cockiness is NOT confidence.
Don’t believe the lie that you and I have been fed.
Are you nice or are you mean?
Are you someone bitter or are you sweet like ice cream?
All is vanity.
The key to your sanity is humility.
Sometimes displaying this wish
Wait no, not wish, command from above
From the creator that crafted you with love is hard.
Your ego is something you must guard.
Humility is something you should not discard.