Too stratified, specific, and stretched to put in textbooks.
Too puzzling to understand or look at,
And dreams too big, too fat.
Their dogs and you’re a cat chased around
Because you do not fit in the compound.
But often correct because nobody wants to hear the truth anymore
About the beauty of differences galore.
You color outside of the lines,
The neat confines.
In a world where imagination is in a bind,
It’s something you have to reach deep down in your mind and find.
The wonder that’s under the conditioning of routines so limiting.
Your thoughts aren’t familiar or traditional so they are less intimate to people.
You’re into details.
Your mind bends into directions that are limitless and don’t end.
Your sensitivity to certain negativities
Are looked at as weak.
Vulnerability is sometimes a rarity.
You’re mind is too fast
Too slow.
But what do they know?
Your ID in unqualified for club “box”
And it’s about to close,
Your ideas POP too much
Supposedly off trend,
Out of touch,
Off the cuff,
Too wild,
Too big of a heart.
A puzzle
They want to put a muzzle on your beauty.
That you deserve to embrace.
Embrace it gladly and loudly.
Not boastfully,
Tastefully of course.
People can’t see the clarity in the rarity that is you.
Too weird,
Too every negative word in the book,
Not hooked to the clique.
Off the page.
Outside the lines,
Not drawn to confines.
1 of 7 billion.
Not a million,
7 billion.
1 of you.
So…………….as cliche as this sounds be the best you, because you’re the only you.
In all your outcast glory, tell your story you enigmatic being you
Okay this is getting cheesy…………………….