Sentimental, not accidental.
They tell you where you come from and give you hope on your journey.
They comfort us while reminding us that we are still learning
About our individual selves and each other.
Memories dry your tears,
Alleviate future fears,
Turn your frown upside down and remind you ran from that clown…… you know,
That clown at your fourth birthday party,
That clown that stabbed you in the back,
or the clowns that were insecurity, immaturity and youth.
Wow, they make you feel old, don’t they.
You see that one hairstyle that you thought was all that
And no one could tell you nothin’ back then
Memories comfort you when you are takin’ back to ’88, ’98, or even ’08
Or when you’re alone they make you think of home,
Home, where the heart is.
That sounded cheesy and the meaning of this composition is starting to fizz.
Ok, snap out of it!
Stop relying on the fourth wall as a call to pity,it ain’t pretty.
Sentimental, not accidental.
Something you cherish
When you are at peace and it is your time to go home to your rightful resting place and your creator’s living, breathing and glorious.