You assume that I’m not hurt when you don’t text back.
Well to me not even notifying me that you’re busy is a smack in the face,
And I assume that you don’t care about this conversation or me,
And if I address it directly you would assume that I’m in my feelings.
This is why I bottle things up
I don’t even keep things in a cup.
When you constantly get called sensitive or moody,
You assume that people think you are weak.
So before you speak you put a filter on your mouth in hopes that nothing too vulnerable will come out.
You assume that when I give 50, since I’m so kind, I don’t expect 50 back.
Empathy is what you sometimes lack.
You take my kindness for weakness,
While I remain in my meekness.
As blunt as this sounds, I assume you don’t care.
Why do you only talk to me when we’re face to face, when the eye contact is clear?
You assume it’s convenient
And that makes me assume that you’re lenient on that concept
And the thought of your lack of respect consumes me.
I assume that I’m boring, you don’t have energy, and you have many other reasons why you’re avoiding to talk to me other than “I’m busy.”
I assume I have shrug it off and say, “I’m good.” “I’m fine.”
Because weakness is not a gold mine in these times
If you’re reading this you may or may not assume I’m clingy, moody, or whatever
But I had to write this in the moment and to me that’s emotionally clever
And if you’ve ever felt this way,
Then thank you for sending some Empathy my way.
I’m glad you can relate,
Because I was debating whether I should put this food on this plate
But it’s piping hot, so why not?