Green light means go, but sometimes you have to slow down.
For you, that’s a hard pill to swallow.
You’re appetite is large and you constantly crave being in charge.
You require a lot of calories because you move a lot.
Sometimes your mind moves faster than your body.
Sometimes you want to be original, sometimes you want to be a copy.
You constantly get speeding tickets internally,
From your friends,
and sometimes everybody.
Hurricane you!
Watch out because you’re coming through!
You’re on top of the world and nothing can stop you or at least you’re trying to get there.
Out of fear that you’ll be forgetful and forgotten and that it will leave you regretful.
Your youth is right in front of you.
You have your whole life ahead of you, so what do you do?
You go!
You ignore yellow lights.
You’re invincible, right?
I can tell you to count to ten but you’re too busy.
Do you want glory, love, or both?
You want both, so you do the most.
The word “slow” is not in your vocabulary.
You love to go.
Slow down at the yellow light.
You need to play sometimes.
Take the stress of your mind.
Show off’s and perfectionists should have a silly side.
Laugh at your Tasmanian ways,
A friend’s funny gaze
Or the many ways your Mom tries to use emojis.