She can’t let you in,
If she did that would be a sin to her ego and that’s a no-no.
It would blow up and pop!
You can’t stop and tell him what’s wrong because ice castle is strong, I mean he’s lived in it for a really long time.
I don’t want to break your throne because I know you’ve built it on your own
And you sit in it in your icy home.
Don’t bother ringing the door bell because your hands will freeze.
I guess that’s my way of saying when it comes to my problems leave me alone,
You’re not welcome in my home
I don’t want your judgement but you could be right
Maybe you want to help me tonight
And I want to cry but I can’t, I’m made of ice……………..
Is it a kingdom or a prison??
She likes to give off the illusion that she lives in a kingdom because that’s her way of telling you she has it all together
She is the snowy weather,
She is the pretty visual but not the condition
She doesn’t want to say she’s the slippery icy road.
Underneath his illusion of a winter wonderland, lies his disillusion filled with rain, thunder and a state of confusion.
Externally, you are snow not sleet
You can’t tell anyone that you’re really slippery
You don’t want anyone to fall.
And then there’s me……………..frosty
The sun better have SEVERAL seats
Maybe she’s right, she needs to come
But ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………..
I refuse to melt
I mean our creator and mother nature want me to but if I melt, what will I do?
People do not like puddles
I hate crying because I feel like I’m lying to my persona
I’ll blow my ego
And that can’t go
I’m the show.
He’s the show.
She’s the show
You’re the show.