You are so hard on yourself.
Stop being so afraid to get help,
Take care of yourself.
Give yourself credit,
The past is something you can no longer edit so put the camera down.
You woke up today,
No God woke you up today.
Count your blessings,
You have many,
Some people don’t have any.
You’re HERE.
You’re supposed to be HERE!
You’ve hardened because you’re too hard on yourself.
You show no emotion,
No you invalidate your emotions.
You sacrifice your sanity and creativity for the sake of materialistic productivity.
Do you sleep?
Do you sleep?
Answer me…………
The lord said rest, so you need to rest.
Rest is one of the best things you can do,
It can save you,
It can get you through the day.
Be your own best friend,
Your blood, sweat, and tears will matter in the sweet end I see you my friend.
Victory will be yours.