“I’m just a little tired that’s all, other than that I’m fine,”
At least it appears that way on the outside,
You hide so much on the inside.
You have to, you have to maintain your pride.
Your pride is your guide and its failing,
You run away from real problems and your confidence is shaking………
Occasionally, you feel your heart breaking.
You say “I’m fine” to save face,
To maintain false grace,
You seek validation and praise in the wrong places.
It’s cool to say “I’m fine”
Cool kids say that to maintain their place on the hierarchy
You’re at the top,
You can’t get down,
You can’t stop,
You can’t flop.
You don’t fancy irrelevancy,
It’s unflattering on your frame,
You’re caught up in the fame,
You play the game,
You want people to know your name,
You don’t want the flame of vulnerability.
It’s  a shame you see.
That’s what you say to create a false sense of reality.
Fantasy is not reality.
“I’m fine.”
Oh really?