I’ll be your friend,
I’ll be here,
I’ll dry your tears,
I’ll alleviate your fears.
My jacket? You can have it.
I know you’re cold, I’ll hold you,
I’ll console you but you have to grab my hand………
If you can get through this, then you can get through anything.
I want to see you bloom,
Your failures do not define you and when you learn from them, you become a new creature,
Failure is a teacher and she’s temporary.
There is life after her and it is sweet, so sweet you can’t even eat it.
ENDURE, there is cure for your loneliness.
FORGIVE, it will ease your bitterness.
PRAY, it is your escape and your safe place.
HEY, I’m still here and I’m not leaving until you grab my hand,
Trust me. I got you here,
I know you’re scared,
I can feel your fear.
Grab my hand,
Grab my hand,
Tonight is not your night,