The title is real,
The struggle is real.
I’m in need of high heels.
Don’t worry I have everything else.
I have friends, family and relatively good health
But I’m in my feelings right now because I don’t think I can go on living without high heels.
Do you get it?
No, no you don’t understand,
They are a necessity,
My feet will hate me and plot revenge but I don’t care.
High hair is not enough.
I still look innocent but I want to look tough,
Wearing flats are healthy but its rough…………
I mean you don’t get it
But I won’t let it get to me
You see,
I WILL get high heels for Christmas
I just need to find the right deals.
Real divas stay on budget and keep their money,
At least frugal divas do.
The right pair of heels will supply the right type of feels.
What am I saying at this point?
But you get the point right?
Santa if you’re out there………..
Please hear my plea,
Will you please slip a pair of high heels under the tree for me?
Pretty please?
It’s the only superficial thing I need.
Santa please?
The right type of heels will supply the right type of feels.
Red 8 inch high heels……………….
Santa please or whoever wants to shop for me?
Or maybe I can get them for a dollar or better yet………. for FREE!