The room was silent,

No one wanted to speak.
Fear is a sneaky devil, believe me.
Her eyes surveyed the room.
She waited,
and waited.
She got tired of waiting in the tense silence so she grabbed the mic and spoke her mind.
The audience watched in awe as the tiny girl with so many flaws delivered a message that left them shook.
Someone had to say something………………….
No one wanted to say anything,
And it was a special day…………….
It was a day of celebration,
A day of elation.
She got tired of the silence so she grabbed the mic and spoke to the congregation.
Tiny but mighty,
Tiny but mighty.
When she spoke, her voice started to shake it almost felt like an earthquake but she wasn’t going to break………….
Not for my or your sake.
She stood and spoke.
She woke from the silence.
She spoke her mind when no one expected her to.