“Hold it in,” they said.
“Let it Go,” Disney said.
You fight both in your head.
One way on the outside, another way on the inside.
You use the outside to shield the inside.
They say, “You can run but you can’t hide.”
You’re hiding,
Surviving instead of thriving.
Existing instead of living because you’re afraid of dying.
No one knows because you’re too good at trying to hide the fact that you’re crying inside.
Pretending that you’re fine,
When in reality, you’re a grape waiting to be turned into wine.
So………………..you’re not really “fine” because this line is too long
But no you have to suppress those feelings.
You can’t be “weak”
You have to be strong.
Trying and pretending when the tears in your private corner are never ending……
The answer’s not coming and doubt is humming in your ear loud and clear.
You live in fear.
You hear about miracles…….
You wonder “Where is mine?”
“I want a miracle.”