Just got a journal and I don’t know know what to write
Summer’s here and I turned off my thinking light, cap or whatever………….
It’s really late at night and I’m not going to fight…………to write words from the depths of my heart because I don’t know where to start and that’s the hardest part.
I don’t really follow through on something I think I can’t do because I think it will turn out like poo.
Just got a journal today……….
I don’t want it to fade away in the back of my mind where its hard to find.
I don’t know where to start……..
I’m having a brain fart.
Failure is something I can’t do,
How am I going to get through this………………
I guess I got to just do it
Then get back on my feet and rise
Up to the sky where there’s no boundaries for dreams that won’t tear apart at the seams and ambition like yummy ice cream.
In this one night or even into the next day but rest is my friend and I gotta lay my head on a delicate pillow and go to bed.