Cling to me.
So you want hype from the world?
Oh girl……………..
I did not create you in your mother’s womb to be that type.
“Notice me! “Notice me Senpai!” “Notice me!”
I already notice you because I know you.
Cling to me.
Cling to me.
Don’t worry I hear your prayers,
Don’t fear.
Cling to me.
Need an altar?
Have baggage?
Cling to me.
I will love you until then end of time,
Broken family?
Cling to me.
Losing your sanity?
Cling to me.
I want to see you on the other side,
Come to the light.
Cling to me,
Trust me,
Put your faith in me.
You. Will. See. Me. One. Day.
Let me give you epiphanies,
Cling to me.