Home is here for you when you’re feeling down and you can’t turn your life around.
It waits for you with open arms and scares away deceitful charms.
Home is your shoulder to cry on when you feel lost,
The love and the warmth comes at no cost.
Home is wherever you want it to be,
It is a place of tranquility,
Great symphony,
A place of unbridled soliloquy.
You can be yourself and receive help when you are home.
You are never alone when you are at home,
That is a known fact,
Look at that!

Home greets you with unspeakable joy and open arms.
You can always come back.
Don’t let your fear alarm you because that harms you.
Home is here for you.
Home is wholly and holy,
Home is where you can say “hold me” and feel loved.
Oh how we all love that warm touch,
A touch that doesn’t cost much.
That my friend is luck.
No, it’s more.
It’s not earthly,
It’s not worthy of being called earthy.
When we call it earthly,
We are too early.
We didn’t think about it long enough.

Home is for you and home is for me.
Home is wholly and holy.
It is where we succeed and it is where we are at our greatest capacity.
When we are home the outside world feels incomplete,
We almost want to delete it but in a lot of ways we need it because it helps us realize that home is our #1 haven.
You can always come home,
Who care if your grown.
Home is here for you when you have nowhere else to go.
You’re never alone.
You can always come………..
Home is here for you.