Someone is praying and watching over you.
You are loved and not alone,
Home is home and it will always be there,
People care.
Tell fear to shut up and leave because it has no place here.
Just know that you’re not crazy,
Stigma clouds judgment and makes things hazy.
Why you ask?
We create it.
Being emotional is seen as dirty and you’re tossed in the bin of unworthiness.
Just know that you are not weak, you are human.
Just know that light follows you everywhere you go,
Its power blows you away and wakes you up everyday.
Just know that love follows you everywhere.
I’m look at the beauty of the trees,
Look at the leaves.
Take it all in and breathe.
It’s creation.
That’s love from above.
Just know that I care and I will be there when you call me.
Just know that I love you.