An iconic bookmark I got in middle school once said “I live for my afternoon naps.”
I found it today after many years and I almost started to shed some dirty tears.
No, not dirty. Dutty.
Life is so busy now.
How do I sleep?
There aren’t enough hours in the day……………..
Early adulthood is crazy.
I just can’t sometimes,
Yeah I know it sounds like I’m whining……
Okay, I guess I’m winning?
Okay, let’s get back to this monologue gosh my brain is clogged.
I guess its an off-day,
Yesssss, I’m slaying.
Anyways, I live for my afternoon naps.
They don’t last very long because reality and priorities slap me in the face to wake up,
It’s like breaking up with your loyal boyfriend,
Your bed.
The naps are nice because I get to escape life for a moment but they are naughty because by the time I wake up they reality of adulting waits for me.
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh you gotta love your twenties,
Late teens,
Or just being plain busy.
“Stop complaining.”
Easier said than done bucko……….
Have you found your pot o’ gold yet?
Ya get it?
Hint Hint.
Wink Wink.
Please like me.
I’m trying to entertain you by being funny and its failing okay.
My naps are like me when I tried to be nice for Santa(real???) for Christmas every year……………………………
Yeah after a while I gave up and became naughty.
I was a snotty child,
Very wild.
Don’t be beguiled!
I wasn’t a terror.
Naps are like Angels and Devils,
Time yourself.
They help or hurt you.
That was a spontaneous handful of weirdness…….
Stay blessed.