Things happen for a reason,
Your season is coming,
The birds outside are humming.
Hummin’ up a storm. Do you also see that swarm of bees? I don’t want them coming near me.
Go outside and take in the fresh air,
Let the wind blow through your hair,
Put on your favorite outfit and slay, who cares?
There are plenty of things to smile about.
Why do you insist on pouting?
You’re alive.
Shout thank you to the sky.
Sounds grammatically and crazy right?
Who cares?
Things happen for a reason,
Your season is coming.
Don’t worry.
You’ll get your groove back,
Nothing slays more than a legendary comeback and you’ll be stronger.
Sounds cliche right?
Who cares?
Why live in fear?
Failure is common,
It happens.
It’s about how you get up,
So buckle up for the ride that’s life.
Things go wrong and things go right.
You’ll sing again,
You’ll dance again and you’ll get your grove back my friend.