Tell Fear that she is not welcome here at all.
Tell Fear that when you trip you will not fall and if you do fall you will get back up again.
Tell Fear that she is temporary.
She wants to consume you,
Exhume her.
She hurts.
She hurts.
She hurts.

She’s not worth your time……………….
She is a lie,
She makes you cry and question who you are on the inside,
I know what that feels like.
She is a lie,
I know what that feels like.
She criticizes and ostracizes you until your black and blue,
You don’t know what to do when she comes in the room,
She’s like a broom, she sweeps away your sanity and you feel like you’re going crazy.
Sometimes its a daily battle but its not the war
Yet you feel worn.
She likes to wear you like a piece of clothing.
Are you even a person?
She tries to pacify your smile when you feel like things are getting wild………………………..
She makes you feel like a clingy child.
You feel wild,
You feel like a massive stain that won’t go away.
Tell fear to stop controlling you.
You know who you are.
God knows who you are.
Fear can only take you so far,
How far?
You shouldn’t care because you want to reach for the stars.
Her twin sister doubt is her best friend until the end.
When you feel hopeless, you depend on her to kill your dreams because they seem too big.
She likes to trigger you when you feel like life is abusing you.
Your dreams deserve to come true,
They deserve to come to fruition.
Tell doubt to get out.
Shout at her if you have to.
Stop making her think that she is better than you.
She is not you.
Does she like to knock on your door?
Do you answer the door sometimes or all the time?
Well, that is why you stay stressed.
She wants you to hate you.
I don’t hate you, I love you.
You have to know that.
You have to.

Tell fear that she’s ruining your life and you deserve better.
You deserve better.
Tell her father pessimism to come and get her because you’re too much of a go-getter to let her consume you.
You’re not her snack, your her meal.
She feels like you’re a cheap deal,
She wants to steal your joy,
She is out here to destroy you.
Tell fear that you forgive her because you have to move on because life goes on and you’re a lot stronger than you think.

Tell fear that failure isn’t the end,
Second chances are your friend.
Doors close sometimes and they close for a reason.
Wrong season?
When they do, go to another door and if that door closes go another one.
Keep knocking until a door opens.
Let your hope fuel that journey.
Hope is beautiful and fear is jealous of her.
She wants to be her but she can’t see her,
She doesn’t want to.
She feels like she doesn’t need to.
She feels like she is the author and the finisher but she is not.
She’s hot-headed, no that’s doubt. Wait! That’s fear.
Welp, they’re identical twins to me.
Tell fear to shut up when she starts speaking.
She loves the sound of her own voice and you have a choice to amplify it or turn it off.
You have a choice.
She exists in all of us and there is no need to feel ashamed.
Shame is her first name.
Stigma is her middle name.
She plays mind games.
She’s a broken cord,
A double-edged sword,
She’s desperate for an award.
Because of her we are afraid to admit that she exists.
How can we get rid of her if we don’t admit that she exists?
We let her get the best of us.
People are walking around looking light on the outside and feeling heavy on the inside.
We want to hide.
Tell fear that we refuse to hide any longer,
Talking about her makes us stronger.