She pulled the ice cream out of the freezer, closed the door and grabbed a bowl.
The ice cream was Oreo AKA Cookies ‘n Cream, her favorite.
She grabbed a spoon and prepared herself to demolish it bit by bit but then she was stopped………………………………
“I’m cooking dinner honey wait until I’m done and you eat some and then you can have desert.”
She scowled at her mother and asked “Why? I took it out already! I want to eat it, its good!”
“I’m sorry honey NO is NO! You can’t have desert before dinner, it doesn’t work that way.”
“Then I won’t eat dinner at all!” She said.
“Why not? It will be good, I promise. Its also good for you.” Her mom said.
“Yes, but this ice cream is good for my soul and Johnny broke up with me.”
“Honey, just wait. Dinner will be good I promise.”
Reluctantly, she put the ice cream back in the freezer just like that.
The sweetness and the creaminess of the cream is like a dream to her.
Its her happy place but its temporary.



As she waited for dinner, the thought of not having the cookies n’ cream dream lingered as her heartbreak persisted,
She was shortlisted by a boy.
Oh boy……………………………
Was she real to him or just a toy?
A toy,
I guess…………..
“Honey, dinner’s ready!” Her mom called.
“Okay, I’m coming!” She said as she rolled her eyes while she still thought about that guy.”
Who is he anyway?
The food smelt heavenly and it looked fresh,
The girl was impressed.
“The food is good!” She exclaimed.
“I told you so!” Her mother proclaimed.
That phrase is so cliche but anyway the meal tasted great.
She cleaned her plate with a smile on her face.
Her mom was right……………..
Oh you should’ve seen her face, her smile was so bright.
Stop running to desert as soon as a life starts to hurt,
You need to eat dinner first.
You need to eat dinner first.
Eat dinner first.