Jumping up and down is the thing you run to when things don’t go your way,
In the moment it doesn’t go away………
You’re maturity fades………..
You’re back in the “terrible twos” stage,
You say, “forget everyone else, I’m enraged.”
You’re engaged in the art of anger.
Don’t you just love hissy fits?

You thought you were mature up until that point but in the middle of the misery you’re not on point.
Where is your sanity?
Tell me.
You feel like you’re going crazy,
You feel like a kid who didn’t get their way.
Life trips you up sometimes,
You can’t be fully comfortable and you can’t settle.
Life can knock you down sometimes,
When it does, will you get up or continue to scream on or at the ground?
Don’t you just love hissy fits?

In the moment, hissy fits are like incurable diseases.
Not sneezes, incurable diseases.
Why can’t you get rid of them?
Don’t you just love the feeling of uncertainty?

Ugggggggggggggh why is life so hard?
“Why isn’t life going my way?” You say.
I can’t.
Can you?
You scream and you look like steam is coming out of your head.
You look like a cartoon, you know the ones you use to consume on a Saturday morning.
You feel unhinged.
You need to calm down and silence that child but she won’t shut up.
You locked ha up for a long time.
Don’t you just love temper tantrums?

This doesn’t even feel like you,
Who are you?
Wow this is a barely visited side of you?
Maybe you’re used to handling things with grace and things going your way but today is not your day.
You can’t get your way all the time.
Don’t you just love learning that lesson?