Can you feel your fingers?
As you watch your life fall apart, doubt lingers…………………………………..
She’s your favorite singer to listen to when you’re utterly hopeless.
How can you cope?
How are you going to get through this?
You walk around telling yourself you’re not upset as tears start to stream down your face,
You’re brea………………………………..king.
People around you notice it too,
You don’t want to be seen.
You go, “No this is not the me I want everyone to see.”
You feel like you’re going crazy.
You say, “Does God even hear me? He doesn’t, clearly.”
You grow weary,
People tell you to “take it easy and smile.”
Well, that’s not your style.
Over the years, you’ve filed your feelings in a cabinet,
You feel like you’re in debt.
Life is happening to you.
What are you going to do?
You can’t control your fears right and it makes you sad.
You feel like you’re going crazy.
You don’t want to be called a crazy one because its not fun to be called a crazy one.
You have to be normal, right?
You scream!
You shout!
You wonder if God hears you as you stamp your foot and pout,
You’ve been holding it in for too long long and you have to get it out!
You can’t stop asking these questions as your voice begins to shake as you cry,
You wonder why……………
“Me out of all people?!?!”
Bad things don’t happen to good people, right?
You’re trying to figure yourself out,
You stamp and pout because you have to get it out.
Are you being tested?
Are you being humbled?
What is this?
“Am I less of a person?”
“I feel like I’m going crazy!”
You feel like you’re going crazy!
Something waits on the other side of this.