I can’t force people to like me,
I have to be me.
I’m tired of caring about what people think.
Everyone has opinions, some smell pleasant and some stink.
What am I supposed to do?
I’m sick of trying to please you,
I have nothing to prove to you at all.
I have a song and you’re not going to stop me from singing it………
I can compromise but only so much……
I will never be who you want or expect me to be…….
I’m my own person and thats okay.
I’m a human being so I will make mistakes……
If you hate them and can’t forgive me then that’s your problem.
I can’t hide who I am anymore.
I’m not a bore.
I’m not a bore.
I’m spicy and you would find that out if you took the time to know me.
Not the old me but me currently…..
Do you know me? Or do know of me?
You are judging me and you don’t me at all.
I’m not going to live my trying to please you.
God will judge me and I mean that.
I mean that.
He is who I need to please.
You’re trying to force me into this blazing heat and I need to feel the breeze.
Get your hands off me!
You probably think I sound angry…..
No, I’m putting my foot down and standing up for me…..
If no one else does this for me then I need to do this…..for me.