Don’t take my kindness and meekness for weakness………
I’m not a push over so don’t try it……
If you try to sell me your sass I won’t buy it…..
I’m a cheapo, I like to save money so sell that to someone else honey….
Sometimes I don’t say a lot but it doesn’t make less spicy or hot,
You don’t know me so don’t assume I’m easy.
It doesn’t take a lot to please but don’t cross me.
This sarcasm is subtly corrosive and explosive………
Don’t assume my assertiveness is cute.
If that’s your assumption, then you get the boot.
Scoot. Bye. Fly far away from me.
Don’t mess with me I’m not easy…..
You think I am but you don’t know who I am…..
If you’re not interested in trying to understand me the scram, I don’t need your mess or stress.
Stay blessed.
You think I’m easy because I’m nice…….
And I am.
I try to treat people with the utmost respect but some people don’t see that because my face looks disrespectful but I’m unaware of it……
I’m sorry if my face offends you and I’m sorry if I look mad at you….
I’m not……… I may just be anxious…..
When that happens, I don’t need your sass, I need a hug.
I need words of encouragement and love.
I would do the same for you.
I’m actually quite complex.
You think I’m easy but you don’t know the full story……
Don’t trample me or walk all over me.
I’m not easy.
Respect me.
I respect you.