You are too afraid to wake up this morning……….
You care way too much about what others think of you and thats a shame……
You try way too hard to fit in.
It highlights a deeper issue within,
The truth is……..
You don’t like yourself.
You don’t like yourself.
You compare yourself to others and it steals your joy.
Your joy is precious,
Powerful and potent.
It is the potion for your happiness.
It is your happiness.
You have to make yourself happy first.
You have to say “Not everyone is going to like me but I like me and I’m happy with me.”
You long for what others have…….
You lust because you feel it’s just…..
What is wrong with you?
You are wasting time.
Close your eyes and snap out it.
Not everyone is going to like you, get used to it.
Diversity is what makes the world go ’round, embrace it.
Reality is here whether you like it or not, face it.
Practice gratitude and change your attitude.
How you live your life is up to you……….
You can live it in fear and solitude or you can say forget it and do you what makes you you.
Its your choice,
Your voice,
Your life.
Get up right now and do what you need to do.
If others don’t like you, tough.
Swallow this pill and swallow it HARD.
Make sure it goes down and stop frowning.
You have to know and like you.
There is only one you.
You are not a copy,
So learn how to appreciate yourself and make that your hobby.
Start today and never look back.
Give me your pinky and keep this promise.
Don’t dismiss this………….