You have the keys……………….
She’s in prison and she can’t breathe.
You’re standing by the door and she’s on the floor begging you to release her but you don’t want her to be released.
Please, you have the keys.
She just wants peace,
She wants to be,
Let her be,
Set her free.


The cell is cold, dark, dusk, and lonely…….
She possesses a special kind of beauty,
You have the keys and it is your duty to set her free.
She can’t stay here,
She’s not Rapunzel and this is not a palace.
It’s a prison and this is not where she belongs.
Are you scared of her?
Does she intimidate you?
Why do you care so much about other people’s opinions?
She’s screaming and everyone else is beaming,
Yet you’re seething because you know that she’s screaming.
Are you listening to her?
She’s screaming to be heard,
She’s a bird in this cage and she will not progress any further at this stage.
She wants to feel engaged…….
You want to silence her cry…
She wants wings,
She wants to fly and you know why
You have the keys,
Let her be,
Set her free.
Set her free.