Who are you when life slaps you in the face?
Do you fall apart or do you fall back into place?
Where is your safe space?
Do you even have one?
Who are you when the fun stops?
A piece of paper or a rock?
Who are you?
Where are you?
How are you?
Are you “fine” or are you just saying that to stay in “line?”
Who are you?
Are you a phony or are you true to yourself?
Who are you when you need help?
Are you empowered or ashamed?
Are you willing to play the self-stigmatizing game?
Who are you when life breaks your heart?
Do you sit that heartbreak or do you turn it into art?
Who are you when you’re at your breaking point?
Are you done or is it the beginning of your success story?
Who are you when your life is turned upside down?
Do you get up or do you stay on the ground?
Wait what’s that sound?
Is that doubt, fear, depression, sadness, or anger?
Are you really in danger?
Who are you when you feel abandoned?
Do you hide it or let yourself feel sorrow?
Do you continue to neglect who you really are or do you let yourself be exactly who you were destined to be?
Do you follow your destiny?
Who are you?
Do you define you or do you let others do it for you?
Who are you?