She is the reason we are here today,
She paved the way and I say that loudly,
Boldly and shamelessly.
Her blood runs through me and I hope to be an honorable continuation to her legacy.
She’s quality……
You learn many lessons from her,
You learn the value of your worth,
The importance of education and her words make you believe in the power of persuasion and her ability to inflected humor in every situation keeps you laughing,
Her strength it keeps you gasping…..
Her strength made her the woman she is today,
She paved the way for us to be us,
For us to be proud of our own journeys.
When we are with her, we are reminded of how lucky we are,
She’s the original superstar,
She is our heart,
She is apart of us and we are apart of her.
When we are with her, we are reminded of our worth,
Our roots,
Her drive,
Her life and our lives.
Her love is endless.
It is the fastest remedy to our stress,
We are blessed.
Are we even worth it?
Do we deserve it?
Her stories make us laugh, gasp, move us, inspire us and ignite a fire in us to do and be more…..
Her honesty brings us back to reality when we escape to our fantasies…..
It moves because it is so refreshing and that is a blessing.
She’s the reason we are here today,
We are here because of her strength………