Joy is in the air and the sun will shine on Christmas day but this worry and pain won’t go away.
I’m supposed to be happy,
I’m supposed to be okay but I’m not at ease
The pain won’t go away,
I mean its the holidays,
I’m supposed to be okay,
Jesus was born on Christmas day but why can’t he take the pain away?
My arm feels stiff and I can barely lift it,
My mindset is misplaced and I don’t know how to shift it.
I’m supposed to be happy,
I mean I’m sitting by the christmas tree…………….
The tree has purple, green, red, silver and gold bells but there are too many blue ones and that makes me go oh well……………
My mind is the tree and the blue bells represent sadness and anxiety that prevent me from being truly happy,
There are too many blue bells on my christmas tree.