So about my hair………………
This is the way that it grows out of my scalp.
Why do you care how I wear it?
Cut it, dye it, fry it, where I buy it,
How I process it?
Straight great,
Coily, wear it straight you’ll get a good job,
A good date.
Fro no,
Weave, you don’t love yourself,
Nappy, well if that’s what makes you happy but its not for me and these are my pet peeves.
For the young girls who struggle with their beauty, I grieve.
I grieve because they’ve been conditioned to believe that their beauty is
And yes I do wear weave from time to time but it doesn’t mean I think that my hair is ugly.
My coils are springy and bouncy,
They are me.


So about my hair…………
Stare all you want.
I’ll rock it without a care.



So about my hair…….
Yeah you over there,
I can do what I want with it because its my hair on my head.


So about my hair………
If you think its political,
I need you to do more thinking of the critical kind
Because that’s not what I had in mind and if you think your snickers and comments will put a bind on my mind,
Well you’re wrong.
Because I’ll smile.
You’re messing with the wrong one hunny…..
Oops she’s being a little too sassy for me,
No dear I’m just being me.
So about my hair…….
Why do you care?