Stubbornness #FBF

(Teenage Angst again haha)

Stop knocking at my 14-year-old door
You’re not welcome anymore.
What did I do to all of sudden have a playdate with the likes of you?
You, yes YOU.
I’m begging you to leave.
Stop sugarcoating me with a condensed shell thats making me rebel.
Stop burying my heart in cold
I want to find the gold.
I hate to dig and you love to trigger me.
You are the seed of my flesh.
You are rotten, not fresh.
Get ready for a smack down
Backdown and Leave.


Stubbornness #TBT

Stop knocking at my fourteen year old door………….
You are not welcome anymore.
What did I do to all of a sudden have a play-date with the likes of YOU.
Find an escape and take it,
Because with you, I’m not gonna make it.
Stop coating me with a hard condensed shell,
The shell that turns me into an unrecognizable rebel.
Stop covering my heart with cold.
I want to find the gold.
You are a seed of my flesh.
The opposite of fresh.
Get ready for a smack-down!
If I were you, I would leave!
The door awaits you and your little posse, your little crew.
I’ll get back to you when finish sipping on this hot tea, freshly brewed.
Actually, no. Never. I’m too clever for that.

The 9:00 Writer #TBT

(I was an angsty ninth grader when I wrote this……………..)
It’s three minutes past my bedtime………..and………
I don’t care.
There is nothing better than the thrill, rush, and feel of the pencil
With it, I take off all my grime.
It’s nine.
The time stares me right in the face trying to put me in my place.
I don’t care.
Releasing is something my father called me to do.
So clock, I’m ignoring you.
I am the 9:00 writer and I’m proud.
You can’t hear me? I’ll say it louder.
I don’t care!
I can go to ten, even eleven!
Watch me!

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