FALL in love with expression.



Glistening #TBT




Watching along the way as you take my breath away.
You feed my soul filling the empty black hole.
You consoles me.
You’re like a model glistening under the light,
In my eyes, your the prettiest thing in sight.
I can just sit all day while you take my breath away.
All day.


Summer #AThrowback

Be easy on me I was young and giddy when I penned this………………….. still kinda young and giddy

The sun creeps through my window.
Not a memory of chemistry in my head as
I walk barefooted out of my soft bed.
NO MORE WAKING UP AT 7 AM grumpy, tired, and feeling  like I crammed for a test.
Alas……………………(dramatic pause) I can finally get rest.
The sun creeps but summer is not as cracked up as it’s supposed to be,
because I sit swimming in thoughts about me.
The pool is cold or luke warm and the bugs swarm in the hot sun and somehow manage to get into my house.
I miss my friends, you know the ones who inspire me to be me and no one else.
But, I’m ready.
For a new dawn in the daybreak of me.
I am ready(like Spongebob haha)

Indifference #FBF

The opposite of love is the sting of indifference.
You don’t know.
As you watch the tides row and feel the wind blow
You don’t know.
You may feel bliss when he lays a kiss upon your cheek but
You don’t know.
The opposite of love is the sting of indifference.


Cold Blood #TBT

(I was 13 when I wrote this)
Frigid blood can run through the human soul like sewage water.
The hurt can affect many
What can we do?
Warm blood runs through the human soul like feel good food.


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