Happy Wednesday beautiful people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

First and foremost, I would like to apologize for not being as active on this blog as I should be. Life is just life sometimes………………… I will try my absolute best to contribute more to this blog as frequently as I can. I can’t believe it has been three years!!!!! I was a bored sophomore in college when I started this blog three summers ago and now I’m almost 23! I had no idea that people would want to read my work and that I would gain over 250 followers! That’s nuts! THANK YOU GUYS. Blogging has given me a boost of confidence that I never knew I needed and I know I feel like a have a true sense of purpose and I want to continue inspiring people(or trying to lol). I have some exciting ideas/projects coming up and I am excited to share them with all of you!

Have an amazing day,



Phone Anxiety

Sometimes it’s too much………….
Another call,
Reminder of school,
A meeting.
It gets to me sometimes.
I feel like I have to look at it every five minutes,
If I don’t,
I feel like I’m missing out,
What’s that about?

There’s only so many hours in a day,
Only so much time,
The endless possibilities of things on my mind.
Gosh…………..why does my phone overwhelm me sometimes.
I’m going in circles with this piece,
I’m supposed to go in a line,
At least, I mean I think.
Should I turn it back on?
It’s been a while since its been on.

I need my phone,
It has everything………..
Its my life but why does the constant buzzing get on my nerves sometimes,
I would be lying if I said it didn’t…..
Gosh, I wish I was a kid.
The buzzing represents all of my adult commitments and responsibilities.
Email after email,
Call after call,
Text after text.
Notification after notification.
What’s next?
Sometimes it feels like there’s no getting around or away from this situation,
I can’t wait until my next vacation,
So I can enjoy my phone in peace without the responsibilities of adulthood bothering me.
This phone anxiety loves to get to me,
I’m too old to be feeling like this,
It’s just a gadget,
Nah, it’s my life.

This Box

Dreams too big.
My vision is outlandish but I don’t care.
I’m gonna chase this until my feet get tired,
Gonna ride this until the wheels fall off,
I don’t belong in this box.

I look different and I always will.
I’ll never be the standard but you know what,
I am my own standard.
When I get out of here,
Things will be crystal clear.

You call my aspirations unrealistic and that’s okay because I’m gonna prove you wrong,
This box is not strong enough for me,
I’m too hot it can’t take my heat.
I have to go,
I have to leave,
This is not the place for me.
It’s too small.
There’s too much in me to limit myself.

I’ll never be exactly what you want me to be and that’s okay,
I’ll never fit in that box anyway.
Rejection is not gonna block me or my dreams,
I’m gonna keep on going.

My vision is outlandish but I don’t care.
I’m gonna chase this until my feet get tired,
Gonna ride this until the wheels fall off,
I don’t belong in this box.

When The Wi-Fi Fails……….

Where are you?
I need you?
What happened?
Just come back please…..
I’m extremely bored can’t you see….
How could you do this to me?
I thought you liked me?
Maybe I’m just spoiled and it shows,
I wanted to continue watching the show but no……..
I’m so used to you being there 95% of the time and the day feels longer all of sudden and I’m stuck with my old music and a dying phone
Oh the melodrama
Too much for anybody’s Mama
That I can’t watch because you’re not here…..
*inserts tears and a violin here*
I’m waiting for you,
Hurry up,
Hurry up or I’ll go to sleep,
Well, that I need.
You’re moving at such an alarming speed………
I’m trying to contact you but you’re not picking up,
What’s up?
Que tal?
Que pasa?
What’s the tea?
Pour it hot and give it to me.
I don’t have all night,
Where are you?
Maybe you have feelings too?
Do you?
Maybe you do?
You’re being annoying…..
Like why?
Why tonight?
Do you hear me?
I need a sign…….
God find her and tap her, cause I need her.
Finger steady on this keyboard while I type this this S Note on this android,
Droid, yup whatever floats your boat……..
Come on!
It’s after one,
Is this punishment?
What did I do?
Girl I don’t have all night,
I need to end this monologue but I won’t end it until you come back.
Is it me?
Even my battery is running away from me…
She’s on her last lap you see…..
I’ve been cheated,
How could you cheat on me?
I thought I was good,
I thought you liked me.
*puts phone down*
My fingers are screaming,
They don’t like the ride,
It’s too high……
Like stop playing games,
I’m not a fool and a pawn.
You have something to say,
Go on,
“Not Today”
I heard nothing,
What did you say?
Come again…..
Por que?
No puedo?
No no no
Ok this is turning into an opera now.
When you decide to come back to your senses,
I’ll be here.
As for now,
Peace out.

Lingering Limbo

70% of you said no but 30% of you is just…………
In limbo….
You don’t know where to go,
You told yourself that you would go with the flow but nothing is 100% right now,
How did you get here?
The anxiety is very real,
The anxiety is very real.
The decision is ultimately yours and you don’t want regret,
You fear it,
You don’t to fall down those steps.
Important decisions you don’t want to face,
You want space.
You need the right spices,
It has to taste right.
It has to feel right……..
It can’t be wrong.
Lingering limbo,
Where do you go though?
I guess you just have to follow your heart,
Regardless of what happens.

Go to the Beach and Have Some Fun

Don’t let what you see in the mirror stop you from doing what you want to do.
The sun is out and you deserve to have fun just like everybody else.
You have a beach body,
You’re glowing.

You like going to the beach right?
You know you do.
You know it.
Who cares if people stare at you?
If they’re commenting on what they see and reacting to it negatively then that’s on them.
Your body is a bikini body.
Go to the beach and have some fun.

Drive with the windows down and the music blasting,
Stop apologizing for your existence.
Put it on and enjoy your day,
Don’t let negative opinions scare you away.
Go the beach and have some fun.

Put it on and live.
If other people are mad at your existence then its on them, not you.
They have their own work to do.
Go to the beach and have some fun.

Fresh Air

I had to get out of the house,
I had to move,
I needed the fresh air.
I was feeling to claustrophobic in there,
I needed the fresh air.

I need to clear my mind.
I had to come outside.
I couldn’t stay in one place all day,
That would’ve ruined it anyway.

It feels good to get some fresh air,
Wind in my hair,
Being in the moment,

I had to get up,
I had to move.
I wanted to be in tune with my body,
Take it all in and do it all over again.
Getting fresh air does so much for your mood,
Even going in another room changes you.
You may not feel it right away but it does,
Especially when you just take it all in.

I like the way this feels.
I feel amazing.
I need to do this more.

Fro-Yo Soup

I was having a good day until…………….
You know when you’re having a good day and then one bad thing happens and you can’t even remember how good your day was?
Well, that happened to me and I’m bummed about it.
This was one of the best I’ve had in a while and I can’t even focus on the positive…………..

What is this?
My day is ruined and now my ice cream(or yogurt) is soup with oreo pieces and brownies,
I’m not pleased,
Not happy.
Satan doesn’t like me,

That one thing threw it off,
I deserve a good day,
I really do.
Had to put my melted fro-yo in the freezer because she turned into soup.
Can I get a re-do so it can go smooth this time?

You know what?
I had a good day,
I got things done,
Let me just focus on that.
Because that is what matters.
I mean…….
I guess,
Yeah, that.


Love it. It belongs to you.
Look at the way it shines brightly in the sun,
You’re a superstar aren’t you?
Your skin is so beautiful,
Makes me emotional,
The way the sun hits your face,
Embrace it.
You look good,
Own it.

You are beautiful and no one can take that away from you…………………
No one should have to grow up in a world where people dislike you for the color of your skin,
No one but here we are.

There is nothing wrong with you.
You are a beauty and you shine.
Your skin is not a sin,
You deserve to feel comfortable in it.

There is nothing wrong with you……….
You want to hide but you’re meant to shine.
Own this skin,
Take care of it,
Protect it……………………..
Show it off because it looks good,

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