One big lecture. My pleasure. #Love


School’s out. Are
U bored?
Make the best of it. You
Might meet your soulmate.
Everyone wants to have fun. Are you
Ready to have fun?



Delightful. Sometimes
You yearn for it everyday.


You can’t miss it……………..


Jump in the pool where it’s cool.
U can’t resist the thrill of the chill.
Now it’s summer……….
Everyone is ready, are you?


Mellow, sometimes……..
A trip!
Yay, it’s almost June!

My Joy

My joy is the most precious thing I have,
When I have it I’m glad.
My joy sets me free.
When I’m down, my joy is there for me.
When I’m weak it carries me.
You tried to bury me,
You tried to steal it and destroy me…….
You tried to shake and break me.
I’m here and I’m back. Did you miss me?
Here do you want a kiss from me?
Oh I see you’re leaning into me…….
Mmmm I think I’ll pass…..
I’ll pass with class and leave you in the grass.
I can’t believe I believed your lies,
Your game is very sly
I can’t believe I didn’t detect the deception in your eyes…..
I am done.
My joy is mine and you can’t have it.
Stop acting like you own it.
If you did, then I would be dead but I’m still standing.
Oh, I hear you’re demanding me to come back,
Step down and step back.
I’ve had it!
You tried to destroy me bit by bit and I was sick of it.
You won’t shake me or break me anymore!
I dried my tears and slammed the door in your face.
Oh, I forgot to mention……it has no key,
Stay far away from me………..
You’re obsessed with me but I’ll let you in on a secret that shouldn’t be a secret,
I’m not free,
I don’t come cheap,
I’m not a deal or a steal.
I was brought with a price………
I have a protective case so I won’t break……..
You can drop me over and over again……
Try it, I dare you……
The gag is………I will still work my friend.
I’m still functional and my screen is still bright,
Brighter than your eyes at fright night.
My joy is mine.
Steal it and there will be a fine.
My joy is my high and it comes from the sky.
You love the sky but you will never see beyond the clouds because all you do is fuss and pout.
You made me cry and I believed you,
I believed every single word………
Every single lie.
You need to stop lying because I’m done crying…..
I’m done crying over you, someone who didn’t heed to wisdom, a straight up fool.
You think your cool but you’re not,
You’re not even that hot.
My joy is the most precious thing I have,
When I have it, I’m glad.
My joy sets me free.
When I’m down, my joy is there for me.
You tried to bury me,
You tried to steal and destroy me…..
Shake and break me but I’m here and I’m back…
Did you miss me?

A Dose of Reality 

You are too afraid to wake up this morning……….
You care way too much about what others think of you and thats a shame……
You try way too hard to fit in.
It highlights a deeper issue within,
The truth is……..
You don’t like yourself.
You don’t like yourself.
You compare yourself to others and it steals your joy.
Your joy is precious,
Powerful and potent.
It is the potion for your happiness.
It is your happiness.
You have to make yourself happy first.
You have to say “Not everyone is going to like me but I like me and I’m happy with me.”
You long for what others have…….
You lust because you feel it’s just…..
What is wrong with you?
You are wasting time.
Close your eyes and snap out it.
Not everyone is going to like you, get used to it.
Diversity is what makes the world go ’round, embrace it.
Reality is here whether you like it or not, face it.
Practice gratitude and change your attitude.
How you live your life is up to you……….
You can live it in fear and solitude or you can say forget it and do you what makes you you.
Its your choice,
Your voice,
Your life.
Get up right now and do what you need to do.
If others don’t like you, tough.
Swallow this pill and swallow it HARD.
Make sure it goes down and stop frowning.
You have to know and like you.
There is only one you.
You are not a copy,
So learn how to appreciate yourself and make that your hobby.
Start today and never look back.
Give me your pinky and keep this promise.
Don’t dismiss this………….

Look at You

You are so scared.
You constantly fear feelings of inadequacy and rejection.
Why do you care so much about what others think of you…….
You have to stay true to you.
There are a lot of beautiful things about you yet you can’t see it because you don’t believe it.
You don’t believe it……….
You care so much about what others think and this makes you sink into your own misery………
You can’t see your power,
You need to take a shower and wash off people’s opinions about you……..
Stay true to you………
You have to get to a point where you say “If they don’t like me, then who cares.”
Don’t let your insecurity steal your joy or leave you void……….
It is okay to be vulnerable and it is okay to ask for help,
In those situations you gain wealth,
Just know, it is okay to ask for help……
I know you feel like an outcast and I know you feel alone…..
So alone you want to go home…….
Please don’t lose hope,
It will get better…..
I promise.
You will fit in somewhere and people will love and accept you for you.
Stay true to you.
You have a lot of power.

When Regret Smacks You in The Face

I blame myself and no one else.
It’s my fault.
I was to afraid to speak my mind when I should’ve said something…..
I hate confrontation, that’s not my thing…..
I hate drama and the trauma it brings.
I should’ve embraced my naturally expressive nature…….
Things go wrong when you defy nature…..
I let people tell me I was too sensitive,
I let people tell me I was too weak,
I let people tell me I was too emotional,
I let people roll their eyes at me.
When I suppressed everything, I let people walk all over me…….
And they assumed that I was okay with everything….
Little did they know…….
It was because I didn’t show anything…..
This is word vomit…… I’m actually saying this out loud.
I’m proud of it?
Why do I have a question mark next to that?
I regret letting people change me……
It’s my fault and I’m at fault……..
I have to take responsibility for it………
I should’ve learned this lesson in my teens…..
What’s wrong with me….
I’m too young to have regret…..
Today is a new day and I can start over……
I don’t regret saying that at all.
Who cares if people don’t like me for me.
Yes, it hurts initially but in the end, I know who loves me.
This regret will go away eventually…….
I need to continue to stand up for me.

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