You Can Still Smile

In the midst of chaos don’t let anyone or anything steal your joy,
Your joy is yours.
You can still walk,
Open your eyes.
You’re more well off than you think but you can’t see it.
You have today,
Make the best out of it.
Seize it.
Carpe Diem………..
Find relief in it.




In the midst of adversity,
You can still smile 🙂
Think about the things you do have,
Stop focusing on what you don’t,
This is the day that the lord has made,
Rejoice and be glad in it.
Don’t let negative words destroy you,
You’re one second away from a breakthrough,
Well not one second but pretty close,
Make the most of what you do have.
Your dreams are never too big so continue to dream big.
Never give up on your vision keep that ambition.




In the eye of the storm,
You can still smile 🙂
Its okay to.
Whatever you’re going through,
You’ll get through it.
There’s happiness on the other side of this.
Until then………………….
You have to cling onto something.
Find beauty in the simple things,
Laugh at something funny………
Learn how to smile when its not sunny outside,
You can’t hide all the time,
Come into the light,
Find new life,
Come into the light.






May Rain

You want the sun to come out again,
The rain was not your friend,
Not the calm rain but the pain from the thunder, lightning,
The danger from flood,
You got caught in the rut,
You went nuts………………………
You got struck by a bolt.


The sun needs to get here,
You’re tired of shedding tears,
You need to face your fears.
You need to the heat to dry your tears.


Have fun in the June sun when it comes,
Don’t let the rain get you down and when it does,
Find a way to bounce back………..
Take your time its okay,
The pain will go away,
Let hope keep you afloat.
There is nothing to gain from focusing on the strain and the past pain from the May rain.
The June sun is here,
You have to face your fears.
Things will work out,
You can get out of this funk,
You will get out of this funk.



The June sun just washed the May rain away,
It stopped,
It evaporated…………………..
It was temporary.
You can’t carry that weight anymore,
Its weighing you down and you constantly feel like you’re spinning around,
You have to start cutting if off,
Pound by pound.



The sun is here,
A breakthrough is near.
You can’t carry the pain of the May rain around forever.
You can get it together..
Take your time its okay,
Come, let’s have fun in the June sun.

Shaky Ground

I wish I felt secure but a lot of my time is spent feeling uncertain of everything.
My legs feel wobbly,
The ground underneath me feels shaky,
Responsibilities are chasing me and feel like I’m not running fast enough,
Young adulthood is tough.
I feel like I’m in a transition period,
I’m supposed to be done with it but I’m not past the anxiety that comes with it.
Constantly unsure,
Constantly uncertain,
I’m a mixed bag of feelings,
I’m dealing with a lot.
There is too much weight on my shoulders and they say that things only get more complicated from here,
Oh dear…….
I feel like my biological clock is ticking,
I feel like a scared chicken with a wobbly feet on shaky ground.

Strong Personalities

I’m outspoken and so are you.

You have a strong personality and so do I………..
Maybe that’s why we but heads.
I don’t know why it took so long to figure this out………………….
For years I wanted this idealized version of what I thought our relationship should be but dang silly me.
You are outspoken and the same applies to me,
You just wear it on your sleeve,
You wear it more than me.
I’m not coming into my personality,
I’m now trying to be who I’ve always wanted to be.
I have a strong personality and so do you,
You’re starting to realize that you can’t boss me around or tell me what to do.
I’m not as passive as I used to be and I think that’s scary for you,
It’s scary for me too but hey I have a voice too and I can be just as stubborn as you…………….
I grew up and you know what I like myself a little more,
I hope you’re prepared for what’s in store.
I’m not as weak and pitiful as you think,
I’m not gonna shrink in front of you anymore.
I’m becoming a new person,
I grew up.
I guess I was upset because I expected our relationship to be perfect but we just but heads a lot…………..
It’s selfish of me to think that everyone will have my point of view,
Despite our differences,
I still love you.


I can’t believe that I’m still here,

After all of these years,
The tears,
The fears,
I’m still here………………
I have a lot to celebrate but I don’t acknowledge it.
I’m too scared of it,
Always in fear of things not working out……….
I haven’t been my best but I still have a lot to celebrate.
I know myself better,
I’m not trying to run away from who I am,
That’s not clever,
I’m starting to treasure the things that make me,
I’m actually starting to like my personality,
Which used to be rarity.
I’m starting to realize that I’m not so bad after all,
I’m just flawed like the rest of humankind,
Ugggggh my mind.
I’d give anything to be 12 again,
I would be my own best friend,
I was my own worst enemy instead,
I couldn’t get outta my head.
I mean I still have that problem but I’m now realizing it,
My bad habit caught up with me,
I can’t carry that into the rest of my twenties,
I gotta free myself from that,
I can’t wear that hat for the rest of my life………….
I finally let adulthood in my house and she’s still crashing on my sofa,
I’m over ha but she’s not over me.
I just gotta let her be,
She wants to be apart of me.
I just want to put on a tuu-tuu and prance around like I’m two
But I’m 11*2 now
I need to figure myself out,
I’m trying to and honestly I’m loving it too.

Celebrate Myself

I’m not there yet but I’m on my way,

So you know what, I’m gonna celebrate myself today.
I’ve come a long way and I can say that I’m still here,
I made it.
I’ve changed,
I’m not the same.
I’m growing and I’m proud of it,
This evolution is like a hot stove,
So hot you can’t touch it.
Sometimes its just so hard to find good things to say about myself but you know what,
I have my health and I have people that love me and want to help me become the me that I want to be but that still starts with me and you know what,
One day I’ll be free but it starts with me…….
I’m starting my legacy early,
It starts with me.
I’ve seen and done a lot already,
If only I got out of my head things would be better,
That inner critic is constantly in my head,
I can’t let her get the best of me,
My joy belongs to me.
I need to let positivity lead,
It’s time to celebrate me.
I need to do it in spite of adversity,
In spite of the things that try to knock me down.
I’m not a complete failure,
Not a complete disaster,
Not a pile of waste………………….
I’m a human who has made and still makes mistakes
And I’m still loved.
I’m still loved.
Maybe I should give some of that to myself,
It’s good for my health.

Summer 90s Baby

Sittin’ in the summer sun sippin on fruit punch with a sandwich, chips and an apple for lunch,

Can’t wait to chew on my blue raspberry flavored bubble gum.
Wait! I think I hear the ice cream truck,
I need to search my pocket for a buck,
Ooh I have one,
Just my luck,
Wait! Where’s the truck? I swear it was just here….
Welp guess it’s time to go inside and blast Fantasy by Mariah Carey to make me feel better…………
Gosh I’m really showing my age but I don’t care….
Its not like I’ll be 30 in a decade,
More like 8 yea………..
Today is a good day and this is my season and I was born in one of the best decades,
I was born in the heat,
The blaze.
I’m that girl!
I feel like twirling in the 100 degree sun,
I hope I don’t get too hot,
That won’t be fun.
I’m honestly so fierce,
I have extremely piercing dull brown eyes….
Ok WHAT am I writing?
I’m fighting with words I don’t have,
All I want to say is that I’m glad to be a summer 90s baby…………
We bring the heat,
We’re moving the the beat of own drums…..
As a matter of fact,
We are the beat when it comes to nostalgia and memories,
We are the ones that companies want to please……………
Sip on that hot tea,
As a matter of fact,
Can I have a cold Arnold Palmer please,
Oooh I think I wanna mix this lemonade with Raspberry tea.

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